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In the India and abroad Employers demand well-trained, qualified Electrical System Design Engineers that can work in both traditional and emerging technologies. Because electrical System Design engineers work across a wide range of industries — from the military/defense sector to power and many firms — Advance Electrical Design & Engineering Institute progress address a broad engineering skill set and knowledge base and job oriented Electrical System Design training programs. In evaluating this challenging career, you’ll undoubtedly have questions about the kind of training you’ll need, how long it takes to become a professional, and what kind of institute employers require of new hires

You will already to interest in Electrical Design Courses you have a good foundation going forward. Given the myriad Electrical Design engineering career option in various industries, it’s easy to get confused or sidetracked. This comprehensive guide outlines a step-by-step educational process to become a qualified electrical Design Engineer.

Electrical System engineers design and develop substation Switch yard, power plant including communications systems, electric motors, and Multistoyed building systems (Building management System) . They are also responsible for designing of HT Panel and Electrical Transmission line systems. Some our Electrical System Designer working for the government to research, develop and evaluate Electrical System Design. You may be tasked with designing components, overseeing their installation, troubleshooting operations, or holding manufacturers to specifications. You might be assigned a project for testing new devices such as radios or GPS systems. Electrical system Engineers that design and Calculation Short circuit current , Load Flow , Relay coordinates , Dc load flow , DC Power Short circuit , Battery Sizing , Earth mat Calculation systems,Lighting calculation, and drafting undergo different types of training courses from electrical design engineering professional

AC/DC Side plant design,Switch Yard Design Knowledge 66 KV,110 KV,132 KV,Fault level Current calculation,CT& PT Burden Calculation,Auxiliary power calculation,Lighting Load Calculation,Solar Plant Earthing Calculation, MCR / Switch Yard Earthing,DC/AC Cable calculation,Short circuit Study through ETAP,Aux, Power, Inverter Duty Transformer Sizing Calculation,Battery Sizing Calculation,HT Panel Sizing,RMU or VCB knowledge with measuring & protection Relay Settings,CT VA /PT VA Burden calculation,AC SLD preparation,LA calculation with Corona ring,66 KV/110 KV/132 KV Circuit Breaker / Isolator / SF6 Design Knowledge with SLD study,11 KV/66 KV/110 KV/132 KV 132 KV CRP Panel Setting,11 KV/66 KV/110 KV/132 KV 132 KV Transformer bay & Line Bay Panel Setting,11 KV/66 KV/110 KV/132 KV 132 KV Switch yard,Meteringpanel,Measuring& Protection all controls with NC Codes,Knowledge of RFP & Technical Specification Preparation,VendorKnowledge,TransmissionLine,Study of GSS end Bay , support for BOQ preparation for Bay extension,Knowledge of Communication System like PLCC, Wave trap , Optical fibe,Knowledge of Telemetry System,Knowledge of Communication with SCADA with Substation Automation System,Knowledge of LVRT , HVRT, Reactive power,Knowledge with Inverter & all Settings required for AC Plant,able to make Technical offer comparison,Technical SLD or Drawings evaluation which submitted by Bidders,PVSystKnowledge,Able to make Shadow profile in PVSyst,Knowledge of Google Sketch up & Google mapper,Technical Comparison for all GTP and specification with different vendors,Able to calculation DC / AC cable,ETAPKnowledge,Energy Yield analysis with different sites,Knowledge of RFP & Technical Specification Preparation,SCADAknowledge,Knowledge with String & Central Inverter & all Settings required for Solar Plant,Complete solar power plant design,Minimum 20 MW Plant has designed with 11 KV/66 KV/110 KV/132 KV 132 KV Switch yard

Advance Electrical Design & Engineering Institute

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Amerisolar Successfully Exhibited at Power and Electricity World Expo in South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa, March 30th, 2017. As a solar brand originated from America (USA) with production bases in USA, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, Amerisolar is taking more competitive strategies based on its Leading Technology, High Quality, No Anti-dumping Tariff Prices, and worldwide Door-to-Door logistics services.
Today, Amerisolar announced that it has successfully exhibited at PEWA Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa from March 28th to 29th, 2017. During the Expo, over 900 customers visited Amerisolar and showed strong interest in Amerisolar new solar technology, company strategy, new high efficiency modules (AS-6P30-275W and AS-6P-330W) and intelligent on-grid solar systems.
Amerisolar local agents and partners in South Africa stayed together with Amerisolar team during the Expo, and all of them feel very confident about the local market in 2017.
The next Expo in 2017 that Amerisolar will present is Green Energy EXPO in Daegu, South Korea from April 5th to 7th. Amerisolar welcome partners all over the world to meet us there.
For more details about Amerisolar products and technology, please contact me Gmail: WhatsApp/Mob: +86 15221591959
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