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ڪٰྀہٰٰـــہـْـہٰٰۂــــروِبّہہًّ‏ِــًّ‏ـہ جْۧآمٰ̲ہـــہۧۖـ₪ۣۗـہـــ؏ۤـہٰٰھہٰﹻٰ۪ﹻٰٰﹻٰٰہ آلف͒ہـہۧۖـ₪ۣۗـہـٰٰرآتَہَٰ آلآوِسٰٓـہہًّ‏ِــًّ‏ــہہًّ‏ِــًّ‏ـــطۨہٰٰ ف͒ہٰٰـﮧـۂ͜ާـ‏يِٰہ آلقྀ̲ہٰٰآدسٰٓـہٰﹻٰ۪ﹻٰٰﹻٰٰہٰﹻٰ۪ﹻٰٰﹻٰٰــيِٰہٰ̲ھہ

- ﺎلعظمآء لآ يسقطون ألأ بـ ιلخـيآنهہ. !☻ ⠀⠀
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توحيد الگروب ⎈ɢ͜τ͡α⎈


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((Updated profile))
Name: James
Age: 19
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: Around 270, Medium-stocky build
Family: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislike: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Appearance: (with pictures below)
Snowy white hair, with golden eyes, black jeans and boots
Survival Time: 1 year
Job: cook

 Quiet, rather submissive in most situations, caving into other's decisions easily, but has a bit of a temper. 

Bio: Unknown, he cooks, and that's about it, he never speaks to anyone about anything.
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Is this community still going guys? Or did it die?

((open rp))
Summer is so confused. Why she can't remember anything? there are many questions in her head and she needs to think, so she climbs to a tree in order to nobody to distract her. Then you...

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Name: Summer 

Age:   18

Gender:  female 

Appearance:  look down

Personality:  She is very creative and funny (when she is not depressed), she is brave and protective but a loner

Jobs: Is there jobs?

Weapons:  Machete

Likes:  Being alone, creating stuff

Dislikes:  Arrogance

bio: Unknown

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Name:Trenton Gordon



Appearance:In the picture just imagine him without the sword and the stuff in the background



Weapon:None yet

Job:None yet

Likes:I forget what I like

Dislikes:Don't know all I remember is my name and age 

Bio:Is 16 and that's about all I can remember

James left camp for now, he wandered aimlessly till he found the lake, he strips down, then dives into the lake ((open rp))

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Name: Alpha
Age:   20
Gender:  Male 
Appearance:  _See pic_ 
Personality: He can be comical or serious, but it normally depends on the day.  He can also be lazy and refuse to do work at times.
Jobs: None
Weapons: None 
Likes:  Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
bio: Unknown

(Open Rp, I guess. )
After arriving in the strange location and Corruption and Omega were finally starting to get used to their jobs around the town. Correction was attempted to sharpen some rocks to make surgical tools, so that he could mend internal wounds easier and so he could get more materials, to get more tools.
Meanwhile, Omega was hunting various animals, in order to get food for the group.

((open rp)) James hasn't said a word since he has arrived, he carefully skins the deer caught by the others, so far cooking seems like all he can do, he's good at it and keeps the fire stoked up, he stares at the giant log they rolled back before "what to do with it?" he wondered, but he drew attention back to the deer, they had to eat it quickly, it'd go bad in a few days, but should work well
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