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Support Cloyster for doubles is OP!:

hi people im just playing animal crossing

hello... im new here... idk how to be a pokemon trainer... i dont watch pokemon because my parents think its evil... but i did watch the movie with lucario in it when my parents were working... so obviously lucario is my favorite pokemon... i play him in super smash bros brawl... i wouldnt mind a little help in understanding what pokemon is all about... i might observe a little before doing anything... 

Hey guys there is now three of us! There is the amazing creator:me Daniel Shaffer- Magneton. My stupid sister Emily Shaffer- Dratini, and  ,Jahmai Thieke- Gliscor. We might have one more guy tomorrow John Mapes-Zapdos. ~Might~ I don't if he will or not but still! let's go and do this!

Welcome new comers! I'm Daniel Shaffer so first joiners your lucky because this is the only time i'll say my true name. NINJA, Derpy Dan or Magneton will do. Thanks for joining and let's have a awesome time! I hope to meet new friends that one day I might see! Thanks!

Hey everyone! Magneton gave me permission for only this once, so here goes: I am actually Zane Mike(the new guy), and my nickname is to be Charzard.

Hey Daniel can I be mod
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