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Thank you for your continued interest in i58 and the prayer support you've been providing! 

We are moving to a new email system for sending out the i58 updates and would like to invite you to join us here by providing your name, email and reference through the links below. 

We will have two groups, one for bi-weekly updates and one for prayer requests - as needed. 

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Time Sensitive Prayer Request: Please pray for Eric as he goes to the government leader this morning to request a visa extension for the ones of us that have been here. This would take so much stress off of us on the visa situation if they would grant it.

From Eric: 

Please pray for Azim. He is a Professor from Iran. He studied for 6 years to get his Masters degree and taught for a few years. It was in University where he met a Christian. This man shared with him about Jesus as Messiah. Azim was intrigued.. He wanted to know more he read and studied. He began to realize that the entire system surrounding him had caused him to think a certain way. He realized he had never been given the option to think, consider and then chose what he felt what was right to believe (We call that Freedom). He spoke in one of his lectures about this and mention different beliefs. A student recorded what he said and handed in to the university management. They passed it on to the police. The police showed up at his house. They questioned him. He was taken into the police office and interrogated, accused off leaving Islam. He decided to send his family off to a remote village and flee the country. He traveled to Turkey hoping to come through Lesvos to make it to Europe. I met him in the camp as I was taking an old women with her nephew to reregister. I told him I'd come to his unit later and talk to him. That's what I did. That is when he told me his story. I remember him starting off by saying "Eric, I don't know what to do I'm lost. I don't know where I'm going in life." I was able to sit with him for a long time sharing with him how Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. I shared the gospel with him. He sat there with tears welling up in his eyes as I told I understood how he must feel. Leaving behind his wife, children, job, friends everything for something he is not even sure about. I laid my hands on him and began to pray for him, he began to shake. His whole body. I asked if he if he was cold and he said no. Inside his heart was being touched and his body was shaking because of it. I gave him my contact info, and told him to keep in touch with me. He messaged me this morning. He is on his Way to Germany..

Please be praying for Brent Boll, a current i58 Staff Member. He is heading to Athens to see about getting a volunteer visa at the embassy. We are really praying God moves and does a miracle and the visa is granted.

Thank you for your prayers! 

Prayer requests: The border closing on Afghans...there have been 2 attempted suicides in Athens. The situation has become desperate in Victoria's square.

Please keep praying for a large community room to do our team activities and orientations!

Praise: God is answering our prayer for long term staff. Please pray for the people applying and that the right places would be found for them to serve to their fullest potential.

Rachael L. is doing some better and Josh M. is better and left for home on Friday.

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Thank you for your prayers! 

Josh is much better - eating and drinking well. The doctor won't discharge him till at least tomorrow morning. Some of the team went and cheered him up with some masks they found at the Euro Store (ya know, like a “Dollar Store”) :) 

Thank you for continued prayers! 


Thank you for Praying!

The Refugees: The borders closed to Afghani people today. It's causing such a mess. We don't know what will happen.Praise: Josh is recovering from pneumonia and much better!Pray: For volunteer, Rachael, for her health and allergic reactions she's having. Camp: The DRC may want us to take the entire compound this week. Pray for more volunteers! Specifically men with leadership capabilities and who can stay longer term.

Please be praying regarding some decisions with DRC (as a reminder, DRC runs the camp and we are working through them - under Eurorelief - to have access to work in the camp). 

We have a meeting in the morning (Greece is 6 hours ahead of EST) with a lot of people...pray the Lord's will is done. 

We told them we are willing to take the whole compound but it's looking like we will just keep levels 1 and 2 and the tea tent. 

We're running into some registration issues again with the regarding registration directly under the government. 

Thank you so much for praying!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the strange posts that pe have been posted on this page. I didn't have the security figured out for the community and some strange things were posted:/ hopefully it's taken care of. Also just so everyone knows not to reshare/forward any of the prayer requests for security reasons. Thank you all so much for praying!! God bless! -Liebe

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Good Morning and thank you for praying! 

Praise God for the way he’s working, opening doors of opportunity and turning hearts to himself.

Please pray for one of our i58 Volunteers, Josh Miller, he’s quite sick with bronchitis (attached is a photo showing Josh serving with other volunteers in the tea tent). As you pray for Josh, please also pray for strength, energy and emotional and spiritual stamina for all the team serving in the camps as the work there is often very draining. 

Continue praying for open doors through DRC and the right people to walk through the doors that are opening. The opportunities are tremendous.  

Please use discretion when forwarding prayer requests as they may contain sensitive information

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