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About Us

Our Vision
Our vision is to continually use the very latest means and methods of education. The decision made at the time of founding the school was to keep traditions while moving towards a practical approach. We try to examine every practice, weigh it against existing and available options and then use only the very best. This is a continuous approach. Time and time again we inspect our own methods of operation and then decide on the next course of action.

Our Mission
To educate children to young people in ways that prepare them to be active, free thinking, and socially responsible citizens in near future in our democratic society. Our mission is to develop the intellectual, visual, moral, physical, social and emotional potential of the students. Our school atmosphere allows the allegiance of the students to their cultural heritage, and promotes respect and tolerance between students and teachers. Our students are rooted to their culture and are ready to accept any new challenge with a fresh approach towards learning.

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