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Interested in the #health, beauty and #wellness aspects of #Ayurveda? The ChicChiq blog has news, guides, and DIY instructions for your own homemade cosmetics!

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Turmeric #Haldi masks cool and clean the skin, and also have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. See how they're used in India, and learn to make your own. #Ayurveda #DIY

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OROGOLD understands the important role online reviews play in choosing which products to buy.

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Create Lucrative Product Line With Private Label Cosmetics India

Every time when you are planning to establish your own brand name, private label cosmetics are most appropriate choice to consider. Visit for More Details


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Improve Your Skin Tone or Fight with Tanned Skin with Vitamin C cream on Your Face

It is true that natural tanning makes your skin glowing and more gorgeous but how to deal with damaged skin due to excessive exposure to sun and it looks really horrible when compared to normal skin tone. Visite for More Details

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Most amazing concealer I've ever tried!
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