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Twelve years ago this heavy chain
Became the world I knew
Rapidly the dust replaced
The space where grass once grew
At first I cried from loneliness
I haven’t cried in years
I gave that up to hopelessness
They never see my tears.
When winter comes I dream of spring
As I shiver through the night
My water freezes into ice
While my world turns into white
When summer comes I long for fall
The sun is unforgiving
As my water quickly disappears
So does my thirst for living.
This circle of dirt beneath my feet
Has seen a million paces
As I have watched pass by me
At least a thousand faces
All of them too busy
To stop and be a friend
I’d pull and tug and wag my tail
The chain would always end.
Twelve years ago this rusty chain
Became the world I know
A world of isolation
A world where grass won’t grow
A world of bitter coldness
A world of searing heat
A world where no one comforts you
When your heart beats it’s last beat.

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Puedo manejar la comunidad?, Soy fanático de los perros. Please? .w.
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