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What would RIFTS Earth be like if we advanced the story line 100 years?

This has been gnawing at my curiosity for a long while... Should we write a book, as a community, on what we think RIFTS earth will be like in 100+ years?

Here are some possibilities I have been contemplating:
Will the Splugorth invade and take over?
Can the Coalition hold things together for that long or will they win the war?
The Xiticix could have colonized all of North America by then.
The demon war could have come to earth and left a large part of the world destroyed.. but who would take over whats left?
What would be the end of Erin Tarn and her group of friends?
Will the Tomorrow Legion survive 100 years from now?
Maybe the 4 Horseman of Apocalypse join with the Federation of Magic and take the CS and everyone else on in a global war.

There are so many possibilities... What do you guys think? Is this a project we can all get behind??? Maybe we can start after the Character Catalog gets put to bed? Any takers?

Hail Savage Rifts Virtual Friends!

I posted this message over on the official forums last week, but haven't seen an answer yet. I was hoping to hear Clint's thoughts on a few of these questions, but I would also welcome the wise council to be found here.

I have a Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling in my group - Azrael or "Az". IMO, the player is doing a great job of playing a dragon at an intersection of predatory instinct and desire to learn to be social and a part of a group like the Legion.

The Murderthon adventure raised some questions about dragon magic; Murderwraiths are only hurt by "magical" attacks...we wondered what dragon attacks actually have the "magical" trapping - do they all?

And what does "inherently magical" mean in terms of a wide array of magical game rules? I can make up answers to all these questions, but am interesting in hearing others thoughts as I do so.

For example, if a dragon's form is magical, making melee attacks magical, what does that mean for exalted dispel? Exalted dispel can suppress permanent magic for 1d6 minutes - could it suppress aspects of dragon magic?

Here are some specific questions:

If the dragon's form is magical, how much of the toughness/armor is magical? Could a dispel targeted at the dragon's hide reduce it's armor rating? Would that require an exalted dispel? If yes, would that suppress the protective magics for 1d6 minutes? What would that do to Toughness/Armor?

If personal weapons (claws, bite, tail) have the magical trapping and meet creatures that are only hurt by magical weapons (i.e. MurderWraith)? Could a dispel suppress those weapons? What would that look like?

Does the fire breath have a similar magical trapping? Could a dispel block dragon fire then? Would that require exalted dispel too? Or, since the fire is more of a "spell" would a regular dispel work?

Could an exalted dispel prevent transformation from human to dragon? Dragon to human?

For that matter, how deadly would an exalted dispel be to a dragon that is "inherently magical" - could you kill a dragon by suppressing it's magic? What would that take?

Now that I think about it; how would a dragon's inherent magic react to a magical dead zone? What happens to a dragon if they wander into one?

Oh, or a ley-line storm? Does that impact a dragon? How? Is it like indigestion?

What do you all think? I want to think about these things before the group encounters them, so that I can play them in a consistent manner...

I am also exploring thoughts about challenging the dragon in a fight. She's TOUGH. As in 35(16) MDC Toughness. A foe that can hurt the dragon can obliterate even one of the tougher other the fully buffed Burster with aura up at max with a respectable MDC toughness of 12(6)...but 12 is 1/3 of 35...and always putting in foes to specifically fight the dragon gets predictable after a few fights.

In the Murderthon finale, I had the necromancer cast Puppet on the dragon as soon as she came into the fight, that worked, and freaked out the players seriously. They still won, easily, I think out of 5 heroes, 2 walked away with any serious wounds, even going into the fight with < half PPE/ISP (they used self-enhancing magic in the race). Only one wound up with a lasting scar, and that was due to a failed fear check with no bennies left! She now has a phobia of her own burrowing power - keeps seeing Malagant's demon emerge out of the ground every time she burrows, for a penalty on all skills when she uses that power, until she can over-come the fear. Fun character complication...

But the Puppet move scared them so much, they all were adding mental defenses to their wish lists for advances...I pointed out that I used that trick once out of maybe 12 sessions...and they calmed down...but still, the dragon's going to raise Spirit sooner rather than, strategic players. I have to think about how to challenge them...and I like seeing them win fights, that's fine too...but an occasional scare makes the campaign more exciting.

If I put in an enemy that can physically hurt a dragon with a 35(16) MD Toughness that enemy can one-punch the other combatants. The magical nature may be a way to once in a while make a challenge for the dragon that doesn't just smash another character if they get in the cross-fire.

Thoughts? I welcome your wisdom :-)

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Episode 10 is up! I had some fun with this one and used a random idea that popped into my head while I was riding through Utah on my return from Montana.

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Welcome back for the Voice of Hope Podcast Season 2. I hope you enjoy.

Episode 14 Season 2 - New Security
Episode 14 Season 2 - New Security

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Okay sound board time for a mood music playlist for combat against a horde of wild vampires in Mexico.

The theme and mood I'm going for is Hispanic angst and dark. Barbaric naughty Mexican wild vampires is Central in my decision making for playlist content.

PS I know vocals and lyrics are distracting during a game which is why it's being played at 12% of maximum volume as background mood music.

Vampire mex combat music:


At dusk the party feels drawn to a hillside. Once there fire flies rise into the night and the party can hear the voices of deceased friends. The landscape becomes hazy and a pre RIFTS city fades into view in front of them.
The party has a night in a modern undisturbed city if they chose.

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So I was just doing research for my Cree inspired next story, featuring a Wendigo/Witiko. Imagine my surprise when I find out that the Trickster-Devil/Satan-Destroyer spirit of the Iroquois, Huron, and Anishinabe tribes is named...

Flint (My real name)

Now what ST could possibly pass up using this little piece of awesome?

I'm now up to session 9 of my Savage Rifts: Red Dawn Chronicles.
It's taken a few turns I did not expect. But I'm running it as a sandbox, so my players get to take it many strange directions.

Here's a link to the thread over at Savage Rifts.
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