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JATE HEMMS Novel comes true !!! Voyager is sending back strange messages that NASA cannot explain. Same as in "THE DEVIL'S SCIENCE". SCI-FI NOVEL BECOMES REAL !!!

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new podcast episode out from Other Worlds podcast!

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As I slid my phone back in my pocket, I heard the distinct scratching of metal being dragged.  The guy from inside sat in the chair across from me. 
“Mind if I sit?”  Why did he bother asking when he didn’t plan on waiting for a re-ply?  He leaned back casually, like he had every right to sit with me.
“I’m Az,” he reached over to shake my hand.  I was seething at his arrogance, but it took all my effort to ignore him.
Involuntarily I took it.  “Mariah,” I said, pursing my lips, though I don’t know why.
He didn’t let go of my hand and the intensity of his stare set my nerves on edge.  Then he smiled and let go.  Just like that I blinked and was released.  There was a power about him.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  
He parlayed in the chair with extreme coolness.  Then he pulled out a pack of Marl-boro Reds and tapped one out.  His left leg was crossed squarely across his right knee.  His shoulders were relaxed with his strong neck standing tall.  My eyes reached his face and froze.   He was incredibly handsome.  Not like my Cam, no one ever would be to me, but beautiful nonetheless.  
Aside from Cam he was the absolute most alluring person I had ever met.  But there was something different about his aura.  There was darkness about him.  I felt like an in-truder spying on a victim, which was wrong on so many levels.  It was actually the other way around.  My head swirled at the thought.  The knowingness of something…something was at work here.  
“Do you mind?” he gestured to his cigarette, tilting his head to the flame.  Yes!  Yes I do mind.  I just couldn’t bring myself say it.  Annoying!  He lit it, since I was stuck with mute.
“So Mariah,” and as my name came out of his mouth, with an echo ringing in my ears, and a slight breeze blowing cool in my face, I felt it!  A panic mounting with intensity, every instinct in my gut screaming at me to run away from this beautiful creature.  

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#Thank you for your invitation & I look forward to participating! I #appreciate it very much! #whitewolfprophecy.

I created this group to help foster collaboration between artists and authors.  Do you guys have any ideas on how I can make this better?  

Thanks for the invite. Great to meet everyone.

Thanks for the invite. A bit about me.

I have a couple of short stories published and am working on two novels. I also am under contract creating the fantasy world for a game developer in Europe.

I became an author to be a sci-fi writer, but then I kept having these dragons in everything so guess I am a Sci-fi/Fantasy author now. :)

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Great idea for a community. I run a digital publishing company in the speculative fiction genre, weird leaning. I'll be looking for editors to run their own imprints as interest in our brand grows. 
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