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Can't get out of school to access awesome PL??

Education on Air is the conference for you!!''

Hear from some inspirational speakers in the keynotes and gain heaps of practical tips in the workshops!! Hope to see you online!! #GSuite #GoogleApps

Thanks +Suan Yeo
Education on Air is a free, online conference on Dec 3rd for educators to connect with and learn from each other. They will get tips and tricks to use in the classroom, as well as hear from change makers and thought leaders. This year we have keynotes from Hon. Julia Gillard, John Hattie, Tim Bell, Mark McCrindle and Google Chairman Eric Schimdt.

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The fusion of Design Tech & #Digitech never looked so good! Futuristic Fashion all powered by #genuino101 #STEAM

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Wearables just moved to a whole new level!! What would you create?? My money is on Auto buttons...what empowerment that would provide people with dexterity concerns!!! 

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Try out the new Google Science Journal App with your Genuino 101 with this easy to follow guide!! The #bigdata possibilities are awesome! 

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+Sylvia Martinez has compiled an awesome and practical guide for educators to inspire the next generation of digital dames!! Holiday reading for sure!! 

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Can you link +Luna Park and #STEAM ?? The students from Canterbury Primary proved it all too possible!!

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Demand research to consider changing your practice?? Take a look at +Digital Careers latest research on engaging girls in tech here!!

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Reaching out to those with a pulse and interested in promoting science education

Last day of voting left and we need 17 seconds for your vote
All you have to do is reply to our email with yes and we will do the rest

The iSTEM program promotes STEM enrichment activities for high school students on weekends and school holidays. For students that normally don't talk about foot ball and hair styles.

The winner of the Sydney Telegraph Community Peoples Choice Award receives $10 000

for more information go to
pages 22-23
or visit the istem website

thanks in advance


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Talk about #STEAM in action!
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