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Do You feel like babies? Do you spend the day watching funny and laughing videos?
This is your app! Baby Funny Videos for Whatsapp is a totally free application for Android (+2.3) with which you can not stop laughing with newborn babies, playful children caring dolls ... and at the end always something fun! lol there's even a video of a virutal baby!

Without doubt, this is a great collection of funny videos for android!
It's free and you can share the videos of kid dancing, singing, with animals, jokes, fails of kids, humour with children, pranks, etc.


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Enjoy This Android App Guaranteed To Make You Laugh.

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All kinds voip gateway , also the kind can avoid the sim block !

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Hey guys i found this app on play store which i really like it because it is has a big collection of new love and romantic SMS and Quotes so i want to share it with you, enjoy it

सुप्रभात मेरे मित्रो

हस देता जब प्रातः सुनहरे,
आँचल में बिखरा रोली ।
पलकों की चितवन पर,
मचली पड़ती किरणे भोली ।
तब कलियाँ चुप चाप उठाकर,
पल्लव के घूँघट सुकुमार ,
छलकी पलकों से कहती है ,
कितना मादक है संसार ।
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