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Age 15

Anyone (preferably a female) looking to get to know a 16 year old male better? I can be really kind and loving if you get to know me well

Hi does anyone want to date im female 10-13

Hi im new here anyone want to date im female and date 11-13 my name us blue the wolf

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Hi everyone I'm cyle I'm looking for a girlfriend and I'm 19 I love the outdoors and I work out at times when I get my friends to join but I'm a nice guy

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Hi guys and girls I'm 19 year old male loves to role play play games and have fun i love wolves but mostly these beautiful creatures if u have an Xbox one hit me up its SasukexNaruto99 if u have hangout shoot me up a text and I'll text u back I'm loyal respectful kind loving and never giving up on making u feel loved if ur interested I'm ur man I'm also bisexual 
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Name: lunar dark wolf
Age: 19
Gender: male
Sexaulallity: bisexual
Hight: 6'7
Relasonship status: single
Crush: none
Hobby's: being the demon king
Like: hanging outsee where it takes us
Dis-likes: backstabbersand people who use others
Personality: mysterious
Bio: parents dies when he was 5 been alone ever since

hey I'm new here I'm a traveling pup I spend most of my time on the rails getting were life takes me. I looking to make friends that I might want to take a trip to visit.
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