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#palaissaleya has been eyeing the Le cas #MOYA exposition: Catch it at the Galerie Lympis -Nice Port

So don’t stay indoors ...

📫 Address: 52 boulevard Stalingrad, 06300
📆 Time: Wednesday-Sunday from 10h-12:30 and 13:30-17:30

#alpesmaritimes #nicetourisme

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The main event on the #FrenchRiveria is back to make you go up in orbit.With the main theme being the #KingofSpace.

From  the 17th February to 3rd March 2018, come and dance to the rythym of the stars and planets with this new edition of the #NiceCarnival!

This  is every mans dream come true, conquering the unknown , discovering a new planet , #galaxy or even a whole new constellation.
Leaving space for imagination and for ones dreams come true.

The #Nicecarnaval is based on 6 Carnaval parades,by day or by night , made up of 17 diffrent floats and over more than a 1000 dancers from around the world to make you live the experience.

What  would the #NiceCarnaval be without it's traditional Flower Parades or "battles", they are presented on flower decorated floats , each being more colourful then the next , and of course dont miss out on the extravagant costumes based on this years theme, so book your tickets right now and let you imagination run wild.

Carnaval Parade:
The Carnaval starting point is #PlaceMassena which will turn around #GardenAlberter  in a loop, and make sure to catch all the visual entertaiment  on giant  screens displayed on the square.

Flower Parade:
The flower parade origins goes back to 1876 when the first #flowerparade took place. We owe it's creation to Andriot Saëtone.

In the begining it was just a mere exchange of flowers to entertain tourisits , but stuck and quickly became a tribute to the local flower poducers., 80% of the flowers used are produced locally.

Carnaval Parade of Lights:
The #CarnavalParadeofLights takes place on Saturdays and Tuesdays nights.
At night the Carnaval floats lights up Nice to the beats of musical bands and tons for the eyes to feast on.

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Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter au Bar de la Dégustation pour #teatime ☕️

We have the pleasure to invite you at the Bar de la Dégustation for #teatime ☕️

#bardeladegustation #palaissaleya

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