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Any thoughts from the group about moving this group to another soc med platform after the news earlier this month that google plus will no longer be maintained by google?

What’s the interest in moving the group to Facebook? Or another site?

It's also great to be welcoming another sustainability education colleague to the #EEER Group from the US this month. Hi to Jess Ostrow from Teachers College Colombia University. Jess has also been recommended to the group by +Joy Kcenia O'Neil, who also encouraged Kim Wahl to join us (from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point). Welcome Jess, please let us know a little bit about your research interest and make yourself right at home in this space. Cheers, Sherridan

Welcome to the #EEERGroup Kim Wahl. Kim is a doctoral student of +Joy Kcenia O'Neil and if I'm not mistaken, this may mark a new stage in the ongoing development of this terrific group. I think this is the first time a member has invited one of their doctoral students into the group. I'm excited about this because while many of us who were involved in the group's formation are at the (long) tail end of our PhD journeys, having new doctoral students take up residence in this space can see it nurture and foster collaboration amongst the coming generation of sustainability researchers.

All the best with your journey Kim and please make use of this space, share it with other doctoral candidates, evolve it and keep on nurturing each other in this (sometimes) strange world of academia.

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Dust off your CVs +EEER people! +Joy Kcenia O'Neil has good news. Her university is employing (University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point)! She says:
"We are now into our second cohort of students and hiring a new faculty member!"
Please share with your networks.

To ensure consideration, completed online applications must be received by end of day, 11:59 pm, on July 9th, 2018. However, screening may continue until the needs of the recruitment are met.

Professor of Educational Sustainability (Doctoral Level)

Full-time job
The successful candidate will teach doctoral courses in Educational Sustainability. The candidate will collaborate with the Director on the development and adaptation of pedagogy, curriculum, and student success systems for the Doctorate in Educational Sustainability (Ed.D .). Duties also include serving as a leader in the area of sustainability on and off campus, recruiting and supporting students, and serving on dissertation committees. This position also requires scholarship, service, advising, and mentoring. This position may include teaching at the undergraduate and master's levels, based on the candidate's expertise/interest and the department's needs. Winterim and summer teaching opportunities are available. The Ed.D. is a year-round program, so some summer teaching and other paid duties are required, especially co-facilitating a 5-day annual summer residency.

For more information, please visit:

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Thought I would share that the deadline for AERA submissions is July 23, 2018 for the upcoming conference in Toronto on April 5 - 9th, 2019. I am submitting some papers and happy to help guide anyone around T-dot.

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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that the webpage for the AAEE conference Research Symposium is up and running - and the closing date for EOI's to facilitate a conversation is 29 June. I am on the organising group for the Symposium and we are trying to make it really interactive and inspiring....hoping that some or all of you will think it's a good idea to co-convene?!? Let me know if you have any questions....

I haven't been on this page for a long time and now that my teaching is subsiding, I popped in and AM SO HAPPY to see that the site is running and people are engaging.

For anyone that is new to this site, it was formed by a group of PhD students who attended the AAEE in Hobart a few years back and wanted a space to stay in touch. However, this space IS FOR ANY graduate or early career researchers to use to stay in touch with other early career researchers. To keep the network thriving, please feel free to invite colleagues and know that it is an open space to post content/events related to ese.

There are also many categories related to ese that you can post specific conversation pieces to - this online space was also organized with the intention to facilitate substantive discussion around trends, tensions, issues in ese. You may find like-minded others and publications may arise....

PS. Nice to see so many friendly faces here.

Hello everyone!
I've been away for a long time as well... but now, living life after PhD (yes, it exists!) I'm engaged in a project working with interpretative trails in protected areas (in South of Brazil). Is there anyone interested on discussing it from a phenomenological point of view (Merleau Ponty, Ingold, Gibson, Bateson...)? Any tip?

Hey world, anyone want to help me co-facilitate a workshop at AAEE2018 on diversifying environmentalism/sustainability (and what role education has in that)?

I was thinking about the last few AAEE conference, and all the other enviro events and conferences I've been too, and how I really think there is still so much work to be done to make environmentalism/sustainability both inclusive and actually enticing for people with disabilities, LGBTIQ+ people, people of colour, etc. Both in terms of materialities (e.g. gender neutral toilets, hearing/vision/accessibility) and cultural things (e.g. who gets represented in dominant narratives of sustainability). I do my best but don't have all the answers and would love a space where we could really talk about the challenges and what strategies people are currently using. Anyway, let me know if you are keen.

+Sherridan Emery +Misol Kim +Kevina Kezabu +Maia Osborn +Kim Beasy +Jen Nicholls +Leah Page anyone else?
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