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Hi all - JCU (Cairns) is hosting a conference in January that I thought some of us may be interested in. I am not sure if I'll be in Cairns in January (holiday time) but the theme seems really relevant and may be a place to share our experiences.

Hi all, I just managed to squish in my early bird registration for the WEEC 2017. I have not yet done the accommodation registration. If anyone is going, could we please share accommodation??? OR any clever ideas about affordable (but safe) accommodation? Thank you!

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Big congratulations to our #EEER colleague +Jen Nicholls on her recent graduation AND the recent publication of her Climate Change education article in Curriculum Perspectives journal, co-authored with some of our mentors in the field Bob Stevenson and Hilary Whitehouse. 

Welcome +Kathleen Aikens to the Emerging EE Researchers network. We'd love it if you could introduce yourself in the space and add to the conversations going on. We're very casual in here, and lots of us are still working out how Google Plus works! Cheers, Sherridan.

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Hi there everyone,
I am fairy new to the EEER group. I met Sherridan at the World Sustainable Development at Universities conference at MIT last year. I write and think a lot about posthumanism, poststructuralism, living systems theory, relationality, and novel place-based pedagogies for transformative sustainability learning. Now....that is a mouthful! I guess that is what happens when we are transdisciplinary thinkers! :)
Thanks Sherridan for inviting me to this group and also to share some of my recent work. I am from many places but home is USA and as of recently, Wisconsin. Below is a program that I am leading with our first cohort beginning this summer! So far, it has gained a lot of attention and interest. The time is ripe for emergent solutions to the challenges we face.
I will be attending the WEEC conference in Vancouver, Canada his fall and hope to meet some of you there! I believe Ellen Field and maybe some others in this group might work on a presentation proposal? :)
Kindest Regards, Joy

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Passing this on as it was posted in an EE Feminist group and it seems really relevant. AND personally I have found the transition from PhD student to Early Career while being a mom to a young baby very challenging.

Are you a woman in academia? Share your experience in this online survey or

We are interested in knowing more about the experiences of women in academia. As yet, few studies have explored women’s perspectives and experiences as academics in Australian and International universities. We know that women are still disproportionately underrepresented in senior positions but we are also aware that women often seek to ‘work differently’ and ‘be differently’ in academia.

We would like to understand your perspectives and to provide a space for you to share your experiences. We would also like to know how satisfied you are as a female academic, and for you to identify the challenges and benefits you have experienced and are currently experiencing in terms of your academic work.

Once the survey responses have been gathered and analysed, the findings will be used to support understanding of female academics’ perspectives and experiences of their work. A summary of results will be prepared and presented online at the following website

Dr Ali Black | PhD MEd BEd Dip T (Early Childhood)
School of Education (ML36) [Room C2.17]
Locked Bag 4 | USC Australia | Maroochydore DC QLD 4558 Australia
P +61 7 5456 5156 | M 0413 12 11 33 | E | W | @draliblack

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How many people are headed to WEEC Vancouver (

Should EEER do a presentation and/or promote this network?

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There is an upcoming online course on urban ee. It goes along with an upcoming publication of the text.

New online course (April 10 - June 4, 2017)
Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab
Syllabus and registration information:

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Just one moment of the very memorable EEER writing retreat at Anglesea, Victoria. Lots of great thesis words were written amongst these amazing trees!! Can't wait to do it again someday! Big thanks to Monash University for supporting this!
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