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Based on the info I got today, the DENFit 5K will be run on THURSDAY morning (July 21st) instead of Friday morning this year. I have set up a spreadsheet for tracking #NotAtDENSI  DENFit5K participation. I will have virtual badges (for sure) and maybe some DE SWAG for finishers. I know you will beat me as I can't run (or walk) yet!

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I am so sorry! I didn't realize homework and home work would coincide with NOTATDENSI 2016. I know everyone had a grand time. Thank you to our coordinators. Miss all of you <3

Hello everyone! Wish I could be at DENSI but at least I can be #NotAtDENSI!!  Does anyone have the link to the website for this year's event? So we can follow along virtually?

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Here are the details of the ‪#‎notatdensi‬ Eventzee photo scavenger hunt.

This event will run 6 AM Sunday, July 17 to Midnight Thursday July 21.

Points are awarded for finding clues. Each clue has different point values. Bonus points area awarded for creativity.
Ties in points are broken by the amount of time it takes to finish all the clues. If one person takes 31 hours and gets 500 points, another person does all 20 clues in 24 hours and gets all 500 points, the second person wins the tie.

To join the Eventzee, open the app. upper left corner is a calendar icon, click it. At the bottom of this next page are three dots. Middle one should be filled in. Swipe right. A camera icon now appears at the bottom. Click the camera and then scan this QR code. You are in the event! There will be no clues listed yet. All clues go live on Sunday, July 14, 6AM Chicago time.

Clues will look something like this: (ok, this is one that will be on the Eventzee, so get ready!)

Long Distance Selfie! Take a selfie with someone that is attending DENSI 2016. Bonus points if you JUST met this person! Hold a sign that says ‪#‎JUSTMET‬

I'm keeping all the clues hidden until Sunday morning to give everyone equal chance to win.

You'll get the hang of it. Eventzee is sponsoring this for you to try. It has GREAT classroom applications. If you like ‪#‎Eventzee‬ let me know and I will hook you up with Dylan. He is super great to work with.

If you want to get a heads start and learn more about how to do Eventzee, there is a public event starting today at 4 PM CST and ends Sunday at 4 PM CST. Go here at 4 PM, look for Weekend Warrior #68 and scan that QR code. Give it a try!

I guess that's enough to confuse everyone.


Eventzee teaser: Here is another clue for the Eventzee... Remember, Eventzee is a photo scavenger hunt...

If you could have a conversation with anyone, anywhere, at any time, who would it be with? Get creative with your answer

The #DENSI  group is doing a #GooseChase  event. #NotAtDENSI  people can participate in an #Eventzee  event to parallel the activity that the #At  people will be doing. Thanks to Mark Case (Twitter @SGHSScience) for setting this up. Posted in the DEN Friends FB Group: Mark Case We will be using EVENTZEE. Download the app EVENTZEE, sign up for a free account. If you already have an account with WALLEBEE or MUNZEE, use that log in. Same company owns all three

Saw this in another group:
Please join us for EdCamp Global July 29-30th 8pm to 8pm! It's a 24hr #pdinyourpjs EdCamp ONLINE! We would love for you all to join and participate but even more if you would facilitate a session or two. Choose your topic and platform and share away!! Choose a time, platform and date most convenient for your relaxing summer schedule.

Some of the most popular platforms used in the past were Voxer, periscope, Twitter chat, blab or as well as Google hangouts, but the choice is yours!

If you want more info check out but feel free to comment below or connect on twitter as well- +edcamp Global @edcampglobal or @reeder_cassie

Here is a link to sign up to participate!

Greetings from the #NOTATDENSI  Facebook Owner. Like the Twitter hashtag, #NOTATDENSI, the FB hashtag and group is known by the same name #notatdensi. You are all welcome to post there as well.

Also, if Edmodo is your venue, and you are #NOTATDENSI, please use the code 37yzz9 to join the #notatdensi  Edmodo Group.
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