Does anyone have anything crazy going on in the nether on the server? TPS is pretty dodgy nowadays and it seems to be coming from there.

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Here's a little picture of my base, taken after I managed to make myself a jetpack.

Hey guys! Sorry about the server trouble, while I was doing a bit of drowning in life the guy who I have the server hosted with had a hiccup and had to change his IP stuff around. I'm not sure if the IP address redirect is working as I haven't had time to mess with it much at all, if it is not please just message me and I'll get you the direct IP. On my days off I will for sure get world painter and remove the offending nether biomes from the overworld and hand out a new pack code with tinkerer removed so that we do not have to endure Ghasts in the overworld any longer

Am I alone in that in the last couple of days when trying to connect to Will's server I've had "unable to resolve hostname" beside it in the server list?

So who wants to share a base with somebody industrious that hates being lonely? :D

Anyone readin' this still need the IP for +Will Kemplin's server? I mean he hasn't said if I should give it out or not, but I assume if you're in here you're welcome :P

So leave a comment or something if you want it.(Will feel free to yell at me if needed)

Ladies and gentlemen (I do use those words oh so loosely), I'm sure some of you remember me, the resident scientist for Raven's RR server. It's been a long time since we've all played minecraft together but am throwing together a server as we speak and will be making the server available to anyone who previously played on Raven's server who would be interested in a "getting the band back together" sort of experience on the latest version of Resonant Rise. Feel free to message me if you have any interest.

I've just upgraded my pc (yay!) and I plan to start playing minecraft again soon™. I'm just wondering whether any of you are still playing, and if so, are you playing on a server or single player?

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Since the announce of the server closing, I thought I would hate to see this community dissapear. And following what I said in Garret post (far later than it should) I would like to announce that I made a Steam Group, like a continuation of this community, so people can keep easily in contact with each other, and play any random games.

Why Steam? It is rare for someone who plays not to have an Steam account these days (Steam offers anyone? :D), while also having something similar to IRC in RR, a chat easily accessible inside games through the overlay.

Maybe there is a better option than this, if so I would love to know. And if you thing I'm doing something wrong feel free to slap me in the face with a used sock! In fairness, I'm quite inexperienced with Steam Groups, so apologies in advance for all the random shenanigans that probably happen. So without further ado, the link:

P.D. I'll check the application list to make a mail Soon (TM) (In Valve time)

The server is now offline, indefinitely.

The latest backup file (which should include the mod versions as well as the world folder) is up on Google Drive at

For the nostalgic, the final backup file from Season 2 is also up on Google Drive at
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