Hello there, I need community help: i don`t know, how to create own widget type (default is just text type and other plugin type like formbuilder, atc...) and how to create own page type (default is Page and Link but I need create Page with my custom fileds if its possible)... or create widget: for example: with image, 5 fields with text and 2 links or something like that...

And last question: Multilanguage site: its somehow possible?

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Help me plz. i need math editor or plugin fomular. i am newer.

Hi - I think pagekit is awesome and have made a great site...

I have been tasked with changing the background colour on a single page but I can't find a way to code it. Can anyone please help?

Hi people
need help. I want to install Pagekit CMS on XAMPP.


i made my first website with Pagekit, and I'm wondering if it is possible to give a user permission to edit a specific site?
In Roles Management i can only see the option to give access to the site manager.
How to give edit permission to a specific site?


One question.
Its safe to use MsQLite for online website.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello,Pagekit is very cool, but I met a problem when I tried to install it to my VPS with centos6
It always show me a 404 error when I tried to visit the install page,what can i do to resovle it?

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hi all any one know the login/password to the demo pagekit admin panel:
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