Just created a community dedicated to the Yaesu FTDX series of transceivers.
I invite you to join and share your knowledge of these fine rigs, from the
400/560s of the 60s and early to mid 70s,
to the 1200s/9000s of today.

Yaesu FTDX

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de YG7RHW from Borneo, Indonese.

Hi group, I'm KC9SLX lives in MICHIGAN . I'm new to the hobby but I did build an antenna or 2 sense becoming an operator.

I bought a Heathkit SB101 at the Nelsoville  Hamfest this year, no power supply, but very clean looking.  And I picked up a compatible power supply from a local ham that was "a little rough" looking. I disassembled, cleaned and tested it. Replaced a few caps and resistors, masked and put a fresh coat of black on the main transformer. Now its as good as new.

My shack is in the midst of a re-model, and although I can see my 'scope, I cant get to it. So I took the rig to the best "Tube" guy around to check the alignment. and see if any of the tubes needed to be replaced. A dozen or so tubes and a desk mic that I restored later, I had a great looking classic rig.

I powered it up connected to my 10 meter 3 element Mosley beam. After a brief (10 min) warm up, I peaked... dipped... and tuned. Spun the dial on ten, and worked a 10-10 net in Louisiana.

Signal report was good, net control said the audio was great. Now I am a happy camper. Only thing is, what to I do with a fourth tube  HF rig?

Hi all, I'm David KD8MOY from Ohio. Welcome to the Group!
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