There is a bug with Galaxy S8Plus
The Wallpaper will be zoomed in the Appdrawer after enable blur Background.

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★ Dodol Launcher 2nd Beta Released ★

Dodol Launcher is pleased to invite users to the 2nd Beta.
More powerful Beta! 
Participate now, and feel free to share your opinions.

■ First time using the Beta version?
* To become a beta tester, you must first join dodol launcher community.
1. Click
2. Click [Participate in test] button.
3. After 1~2 hours,'Update' button will be activated on Play Google.

■ Update now if you've been using the previous Beta!
Search "Dodol Launcher" on Google Play  -->  Tap "Update" 

■ Improved New Features 
1. Blur effect applied to the background of app drawer 
   - The effect won't appear if the background image is different from your home screen
2. Improved App drawer Multi-editing Function
   - 'Show/hide frequently used app' function exposed on menu.
3. Improved App drawer Memory Management (Check 3rd tab in app drawer)
   - Removed 'Battery' and 'Storage' functions

Your feedback will help us to improve our ability to serve you.
We love our fans!♡

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Greetings! :D
We would like to announce that Dodol Launcher has reached 10 million downloads! 
We will continue to update constantly to satisfy our users around the world, 
and try to make Dodol Launcher a perfect app!
Gathering momentum from our 10 million users, we will now make progress toward 100 million downloads!

-The Amazing Dodol Launcher Team

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This is mine.

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#Beta usage tip 1 - App drawer edit 
App drawer edit function added! 
Here's how you can use it. :D 
1. In the app drawer, press and hold on an app.
2. App drawer edit screen will appear with the edit functions on the top (Add to home screen, Hide folder/app, Delete app) 
3. Select app/apps, and tap one of the edit function you want to use. 
How did our edit function treat you? :)
We are waiting for your feedbacks.
The amazing Team Dodol Launcher !!
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I love dodol launcher! :) 

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The best launcher i ever used :) I can edit according to my taste...Well i would rate this launcher 9/10 

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★ Dodol Launcher 1st Beta Release ★

Dodol launcher invites users to the very first Beta!!
Participate now, and be the first to know Dodol launcher's new features.

<How to download the Beta>
1. Click
2. Click [Participate in test] button.
3. After 1~2 hours,'Update' button will be activated on Play Google.

<Beta features>
1. Improved App drawer
- Improved UI of app drawer upper tab(App, Widget, Manager)
- CPU/Memory/Battery recource management module added (Manager tab)
2. Sticker
- Go to [Launcher setting > Labs > Sticker], Check 'Try' and click 'Go to use'
- Click sticker icon
- Choose sticker you like.

Please send us feedback on Play Google and/or via official email.
[Official email]
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