In the darkest reset of cybertron, layzner lays their with no memories of his past exept his name and that he's an "autobot" he suddenly gets attacked 5 bots
(Open RP)

Layzner the blue comet
Abilities:has V-Max system and can fly at high speed

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18 in cybertronian
battle master of renegades
dislikes: peace
bio:he hates the primes and wants nothing more then to kill them but he dose not have the weapons to do that but he dose all the killing and is known as the blood god
weakness:will do anything for dark light 
alt mode: land rader
weapons: chain sword, bolter,and the alt has a heavy bolter
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Crap my OCs won't work here then....they are like the dragon ball z version of transformers but everything is enhanced and emotion and feelings are the weakness

my lord it has been done +Ashley Tron 

Name: Brandon
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Likes: Peace
Dislikes: Chaos
Side: Good
Bio: Loves to make friends and doesn't like to fight but will if need to

Dark Light.
19 in cybertronian
Leader of the renegade's
Dislikes: just about everything
Likes: very little.
Looks: a smaller femme, blood red eyes, sorta looks like Arcee.
Bio: well to overthrow the government, just because. We have one of the primes captive. She used to be a trusted ally to all of the primes so she knows so much. She still had trouble gaining recruites.
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