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Screen shot of #TwitterChat  with 2013 Fair Clout Poetry Most Compelling Writer #GarimaObrah

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Fair Clout Poetry 2013 ‘Compelling’ Writer selection finale

Fair Clout Poetry is publishing high-edged, artistic poetry works from compelling poetry writers from all around the world annually.

After opening this year’s Fair Clout Poetry series writer and co-creator selection exercise and receiving submissions from over 20 poetry writers from all around the world, together with the esteemed Fair Clout Poetry volunteer judges and the series publisher, the Fair Clout Poetry team successfully selected ‘3 Most Compelling’ writers on the consideration of their submissions for the Fair Clout Poetry 2013 writer selection and their poetry submissions were revealed through the Fair Clout Poetry virtual platforms to the public for public opinion and verdict that will help in the selection of the most ‘Compelling’ amongst them.

Following over 3 weeks of public exposure, we have one submission, emerging through the heat of public opinions and polls, as well as the series publisher’s discretion; and one ‘Compelling’ writer selected to co-create the Fair Clout Poetry 2013 series title- The Folk Sketches in collaboration with the series creator/publisher:

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We are following the #polls and enjoying it as you would too: Tell us which writer’s #poetry piece you find ‘Most Compelling’! *#Follow us on #Twitter with the #Twitter handle @FairCloutPoetry

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The Fair Clout Poetry 2013 Writer Selection- Top 3 Picks

Fair Clout Poetry is a new and highly-competitive poetry series brand, publishing high-edged, artistic poetry works from compelling poetry writers from around the world, annually, in its poetry collections.

Last year, the Fair Clout Poetry was created and launched with the publishing of a collection of poetry works from Nigerian independent writer and creator of the Fair Clout Poetry brand Ahmed A. Hassan (@Ceopensage) in eBook format on the Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP) platform provided by the digital publishing solution providing giant Amazon Inc., worldwide. This first Fair Clout Poetry collection is titled ‘A Case of Lines’ and is available worldwide, online via Amazon online bookstores on any digital device with internet accessibility and electronic reading features or capabilities. Click here to buy now:

This year, Fair Clout Poetry opened submissions to poetry writers from all around the world through a process integrating its virtual media networks and mail platform. It sourced voluntary poetry judges from around the world as well and successfully established a voluntary panel of judges equipped with the Fair Clout Poetry writer selection policy to help Fair Clout Poetry select the ‘Top 3 Most Compelling Writers’ using the submissions we received from the writers. These ‘Top 3 Most Compelling Writers’ are to be disclosed to the public and will have their ‘poetry submissions’ subjected to further jurisdiction using publicly open polls to help in the selection of ‘1 Winning, Most Compelling Writer’ who will work with the Fair Clout Poetry team to collate and publish the next Fair Clout Poetry collection.

And now, from the careful scrutiny and recommendations of the Fair Clout Poetry voluntary judges and the Fair Clout Poetry creator/publisher, we have the ‘Top 3 Most Compelling Writers’ and their corresponding ‘poetry submissions’ here. *We want your opinion. Please, kindly read the ‘poetry submission’ for each ‘writer’ and add a feedback to us here, or via our Twitter or Google+ Community timeline (note: we want feedbacks disclosed publicly):


The Folk Sketches, by Kathryn Hummel

Peace on earth concentrated in the suburbs
No self-will for men or women
You need drink to pilot the wasteland,
Between Christmas and the New Year
Every day is a gift

The man is legend living!
Having fought and fucked enough in life and on paper,
He places well-shod feet beneath his desk, 
Clears a frog from his leonine throat,
And decides on another international conference

Woman resembles coffee: flat white
Bored with misery, she consumes herself in gulps,
Orders another
Her yawn looks like a laugh
O! But for the spice of chai

A very private person confessed a ten-year plan 
To pursue a life of blah,
Constituted by beer and meat among the Beautiful People
The outline of his hand, so he claims, is all of him
Filling in the surface himself is too hopeless a cause

* * *


Aditi, by Tushar Jain

Eyes, burning eyes
Under a pate
Clear as a 
Swallow’s breast

Whimsical eyes
Tempered by sweet 
Bohemian lips
As lush spring fruit

Eyes, again, 
To fall into
To drown
To be wrapped 
Up to ankles 
In you

* * *


Ciphers of the Divine, by Garima Obrah

All the world's a stage, and men and women merely players…
Shakespeare worded the way of life, I practice and pursue in my prayers

A prophesied poetry in motion, drew both of us in the lead…
Two souls dwelling apart, in each other’s dire need

Put together to be drawn apart, a move quite well conceived…
But we traced each other through the yards of time, because we believed

Our tale wasn’t worded; but resonated in flow…
The germ of love stayed puerile, basking in the divine glow

A carefully carved libretto, grammatically honed to the core… 
That pens down the love we live and embraces its demure

Rooted in our destinies, conspired by angels above…
It’s their decree that it must be told, to the species divest of love

That’s the command I trail, and so does my intention…
To put down in prose, the ciphers of divine intervention

* * *

Awaiting your opinions!

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