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Join the @GEGOntario Team at the GEG Ontario Meetup Powered by EdTechTeam at the Google Offices in Kitchener! Register early to save a spot at #onted #ontedchat #tdsb #yrdsb #tcdsb Looking forward to seeing you there!

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What are you doing April 7-8, 2018? We invite you all to come and attending the 6th Annual Ontario Summit in Cambridge Ontario! #edtechteam

Whether you teach with chromebooks, iPads, Computer Labs or Carts, this Summit has something for you! Sessions will be offered in French and in English.

Here is just a short list of some of the educators (and students and student teachers!) we will be learning from: +Sandra Chow, +Kim Pollishuke, +Jonathan So, +Jennifer Weening, +Jeffrey Humphries, +Brian Hamm, +Michelle Armstrong, +Sarah Anne Lalonde, +Vickie Morgado, +Austin Gagnier, +Jason Trinh, +Mike Filipetti, +Alison Bullock, +Rebecca Rouse, +Harry Niezen, +Jeffrey Brown, +Chris Cluff, +Stephen Hurley, +Dawn Frier, +Scott McKenzie, +Carlo Fusco, +Jay Dubois, +J Kervin, +Phil Sweezey, +Jen Giffen, +Stephane Girouard, +Amit Mehrotra - Central Board Office (0001), +Laura Collins, +David Carruthers, +Zelia Capitao-Tavares, and so many more!

Click Here To Register:

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LIVE in 50 mins! Take Google Slides to a whole new level! Join the @GEGOntario Leaders as we share some awesome Google Slides ideas! All you need to do is go here:

Google Classroom Question:

I maybe putting the horse after the cart but here it goes.

Students are posting their work in the Classroom for me to mark. I have a digital rubric (Doc) that I am going to use and the share with each of them back in the classroom.
1. Is there a quick and efficient way to make individual copies of the rubric without having to make individual copies of the rubric?

2. Is there an easy way to post the marked rubric with the students' work when I "return" it to them?

Thank you.

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The GEG team will be launching the GEG Ontario Learning Series on February 28th! Join us by tuning in to at 7:30 PM to learn more about the power of Google Slides!

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Does anyone know whether Leave Comments feature or a Blog-style page layout is coming soon for the new Google Sites?

I was cursios if anyone who was using the N22/N23 chromebooks was looking into new solution due to the massive change in design. The N22/23 touch was our bread and butter Chrome book that educators loved.
This was due to the price point, touch screen, and roating camera.
The camera made it extremely easy for students to digitize work and capture video. The touch screen at this price point is great for use of the playstore.
The new 100e drops the rotating camera and the touch screen
The next step up is the 300e which is idential to the Yoga, so an increase in price and has the touch screen, but camera only faces you. This limits how it can be used for documentation.
The 500e has touch dual camera and pen, but a significant price point.

Just curious as to what others are considering.

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This video reviews 3 tools for teachers that are looking for creative ways to present content for the digital classroom #GSuite #GoogleSlides #oklaed
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