Hello! Is amarok still being developed actively? Haven't seen new version for almost two years since 2.8.0

I decided to try Amarok once again and I have to say it's an awesome player. Thing is, though, I have a rather large collection, 35k+ songs. I'm using mysql as backend and I have experience managing databases and it does make a huge difference in its operating speed. I'm more curious about startup time. Been googling but I mostly find threads regarding not using mysql as backend in relation to startup time. If I start amarok normally with a playlist loaded (that is my entire collection) it can take everything between 2-10 minutes to be fully loaded and responsive. If I clear the playlist before I exit it loads in 1-2 seconds and then adding my collection to the playlist also only takes a few seconds. So when doing these things manually I have a startup time from 5-10 seconds in comparison to a loaded playlist which is 2-10 minutes.
Anyone have any idea why that is? 
If I run amarok --debug I can't see anything out of the ordinary and I never  see any [DELAY Took (quite long) something seconds]
However, it hangs on:
Calling appendChild() on a null node does nothing
Googled and tried using phonon-vlc instead but it still hangs there.

Amarok Version: 2.8.0
KDE Version: 4.14.3
Qt Version: 4.8.5
Phonon Version: 4.7.2
Phonon Backend: GStreamer (4.7.2)
PulseAudio: Yes

Anyone know if a plugin is in the works for Spotify in Amarok?  

Any Amarok iPod users in here?  Im toying with the idea of buying an iPod, but im not a fan of iTunes.  Can anyone tell me if i can put music on  an iPod without using iTunes and how compatible is Amarok with iProducts?

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Important news for users of KDE 4.11#KDE #Amarok  
A note to all Amarok users: If Amarok is crashing for you since upgrading to KDE 4.11, please upgrade Amarok to version 2.8-beta. The 2.8 series is compatible with KDE 4.11, while the 2.7 series does not work due to a change in Plasma.

PS: Also the final 2.8.0 release is coming very soon. We're tagging today.

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We've just released Amarok 2.8 Beta! Please grab it while it's hot and give it some good testing.

Dear fellow Amarok users, I'm looking for a way to shuffle through all of Jamendo, using a script or otherwise. Search engines didn't give me an answer on that.
Does any of you have a clue how I could do this?
I really love to listen to music that's totally new to me, and shuffling through Jamendo would be a perfect way to experience ever new musical suprises. :)

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We have just released a bugfix version for the crash on track change, testers welcome: http://amarok.kde.org/en/releases/2.7.1 #Amarok   #KDE  

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Amarok 2.7.0 is now also available for Windows! #Amarok  #KDE

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That was quick! Thanks Patrick.
The first bugfix release of Amarok 2.7.0.
I backported a bugfix for phonon-vlc, which will fix the audio playback.
The installer now calls the uninstaller and the issue that Amarok is installed to a subdirectory of a previous installation should be fixed too.
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