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I am so not into anything right now. I'm in that phase of being a superfan where suddenly I'm bored of everything and can't even force myself to look at things people recommend to me.
On the bright side, I have been playing an anime style game: Disgaea! Just got into Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on my PS3. I love it so much. I'm at my grandma's right now though, so I can't play it currently ;(

Random question to breathe life back into this community: what character from any anime would you most like to see one punched by Saitama?

My answer: maybe Bakugo from My Hero Academia. "Die you crap bald--!"

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So I figured I'd share an idea that I've already developed quite a bit, just to see what other people think of it. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure how to go about that, so please feel free to ask clarifying questions if you feel I've left out something important.

So I originally intended this story to be a manga, as that's something I might maybe be able to do in the future myself, but I'm not adverse to the idea of having it be an anime, either. It focuses on three characters: Nora Yanagi (Female, 17, Japanese), Shinji Yanagi (Male, 13, Japanese), and Flint Erikson (Male, 14, American, of German descent).

Essentially how it starts is Nora waking up in her room and discovering that she apparently died in her sleep. She's surprisingly not freaked out over this--don't get me wrong, she's pretty upset, but one of her character traits is that she can take weird/messed up things in stride and just kind of roll with them. And of course, she's got a bit of amnesia going on--she doesn't remember how she died.

After she sorts out all that stuff, she decides to go say her final goodbyes to her family, knowing intuitively that doing so will cause her to move on. So she goes and says goodbye to her parents, who are still asleep, then makes her way into her little brother Shinji's room--only to be attacked by a soul devouring creature known as a phantasm. She's saved by Flint, who's a Freelancer--a ghost not affiliated with any particular organization that takes jobs from anyone--and they both flee together, thus preventing Nora from moving on and thrusting her into the incredibly complicated, confusing, and deadly world of the afterlife.

So the story continues as:
Flint attempts to figure out how to move on while trying--and failing--to not get on the bad side of the various organizations that exist in the afterlife.

Shinji breaks down after his sister's death and vows to track down her murderer--even though her death was allegedly an accident.

And Nora just kind of gets caught up in the middle of it all, wanting to say her final goodbyes but not willing to leave until everything's sorted out.

So if that sounds interesting to anyone, I'll write down a few more details about the story--phantasms, ghosts, the various societies of the afterlife, etc.

OK, so I'm watching Madoka Magica right now, but that's really short, so what should I watch next? I like smarter anime better than fighting straightforward shounen.

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Okay, so I've watched two different anime recently, and I've found many characters I like. So, I've made a poll to see which ones are worse. Hopefully, you've seen both of these anime, because they're both good (personally Code Geass has become my favorite anime EVER, but Fairy Tail I stopped watching, because it just felt like One Piece, but with more slutty clothes, magic, and ugly men)
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Lucy Heartfilia (useless)
Rolo Lamprouge (watch R2, episode
Viletta Nu (she shot Ohgi >:[ )

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Hiya guys. There is a new community that my friend has startes and its for all fandoms. Its not got many people yet and I would be really thankful if you would join. Here is the link so please join. I apologise that this is advertising but I think you will all enjoy it. All fandoms are welcome. . Yes even this one.

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It's been so quiet. I think I'll lighten things up.

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Yes. Just yes.
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