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This is Spirit and Rain in the last scene. Hope you like it.....☺☺☺☺

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this is a Question
is it ok for a horse to have dark red hair?

Name~ Rainy

Age~ 3

Gender~ Mare

Appearance~ Beautiful Grey pelt color. With a black mane and tail. Her hooves are black as the night. Her eyes are light brown.

Personality~ Gentle, Sweet, Kind, Loyal

Skills~ Swimming, Rescue, Running

Herd~ Cimarron Herd

Rank~ Member of the herd 

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Name: willow
Breed: Clydesdale
Gender: Mare
Age: 6
Herd: None
Rank: galloper
Mate: None- Open, I guess
Appearance: (someone tell meh wat this mean)
Bio: (can i have some time to think plz?)
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I recently re-watched this movie.
Me and a friend, well, let's just say we where crying the moment Spirit was taken back again by the corporal people things and the moment the singing started in "Sound the Bugle" we where both crying our eyes out...

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Name: Cyra (ky-ra)
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years
Herd: Long River Herd
Rank: Lead Mare
Appearance: buckskin paint with black and white strips in hair
Bio: Cyra is the lead mare of her own herd, she adopts young foals and horses who need a home.


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Name: Angel
Gender: mare
Rank: galloper
Age: 4
Herd Cimarron
Breed: pinto?
Dam: Deceased
Sire: umm deceased?
Mate: (OPEN)
Bio: nothing special


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Name: Cytris
Age: 4 years
Gender: mare
Herd: non
Rank: Loner
Breed: Quarter horse
Kin: SandStorm (mother, dead) BlackStar (father, dead)
Appearance: Mane and tail is a light brown tanish color. Her pelt is slightly darker tan
She has black socks and an her head is white with a black tip ( im really sorry if i dont know what to call certain parts of horses)
Bio: Parents died when she was a few weeks old filly. She travels alot to avoid staying in one place.

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(Profile 2)

Name: sky
Age: 4
Gender: mare
Herd: long river
Rank: Grazer
Breed: pinto.
Mate: none(open!)
Foal(s): none
Mother: dead
Father: alive (hes a warhorse)
Siblings: none
Strengths: jumping, swimming and helps other members In the herd.
Weaknesses: fighting.
Likes: helping, foals, Swimming, racing, friends.
Dislikes: people, father and strangers.
Bio: after she was born he mother was killed by a stranger(stallion) while her father did nothing, after 3 years her father was taken by the people. 
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