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When You write reviews they should be 250 characters, then you get credits for the review towards Points with the Medals.

It has been another long day and it seems no one is looking or can take the time to reply.

The wife is gone for a week and I will be busy adding to Vallarta, there is much work to be done. So many red dots to find information on.

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* Skin Care
* Hair Care
* Personal Care
* Health Care
* Home Care
* Animal Care

Okay has did something knew to keep Local guides on their toes the added some badges... One is for Expert Reviewer, which they want 200 characters in your Review. to go with that you have to have been marked as Helpful to earn the top rank. The other is Trailblazer Add the first 50 photos on New Places write 50 reviews. so the tough part is finding 50 Places which are not on the map.

Hola! Yo vivo acá todo el año. Voy subiendo información conforme visito nuevos lugares.


Alguien vive por aquí en Puerto Vallarta? O sólo son turistas?

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El Nogalito Eco Park, no w did not do the Zip Lines. but were Exploring
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