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And people said the zombie apocalypse will never happen. It already is.

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Who Do You Trust

Countries , governments , companies despise isis
Yet the biggest question is why do they allow :

▪Isis accounts on Twitter ?

▪The promotion of the deep web despite it being partly known for terrorist cell groups communicating on there.

▪Brutal killings / and propaganda, uploaded online by isis ?

▪News companies uploading torture videos online ?

It makes you think with little being done, are governments / countries actually supporting isis ?


My Predictions abouts war

1st war: race war

2nd war: holy war (War between religions)

3rd war: ww3

4th war: Human vs A.I

Final war: Total apocalypse

Omg you big negative person stop judging pepole omg like it's sooo rude

um you called my negative is that judging? and people who screwed me over what they do ... they judge me. what popular kids do to silent or quiet kids.... they jugde and bully them and they can't say back they will be tolk to forgive and forget....

judging and bulling has consequences and can make people into to monster for revenge

maybe i have Asperger's syndrome and add.

but i won't let myself be brainwashed by bs

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After an event a lot of people play the Hero card online or in real life.... But would they act on the event when it occured ?

Probably not as people can Freeze in the moment as it is a natural response due to shock.

Others just say it after an event to "look good".

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Sometimes violence can solve things.

What is going on

People have the cheek to lecture me about life and how you should not get revenge or screw people over.

YET all these people lecturing me are screwing each other over and using me.

And i am told not to fight back in anyway whilst they do their thing.

Can no one see how fucked up that is?

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People i hate

- Users

- Fakes

- Liars

- Ignorant people

- People who use the victim card

- People who use the race card

- Selfish ones

- Over positve people

- Delusional people

- Lefties

- Antifa

- Narcissist


- Some people who hate fake people who are also fake people themselves

- Majority of generations today Ages 15 and below.
Most are bastards. Most don't even know they are

- Over religious people

- Self centred people

- Desperate people / Whores

- Inconsiderate people


- Millennials

- Do-gooders

- Loud mouths

- Cocky people

- People who cheat

- People who over exaggerate things


- Fake negative people

- Fake broken people

- People who think everything is a joke

- People who lecture others about life

- People who are robots / Sheep

- People who act hard

- Show offs

- Good people who secretly have a dark past

- Bullies

- People who constantly use the word "Like" in every sentence

- People who typically say to me i am going through what you are. NO YOUR NOT.

- People who use the line " I have no friends " - Them why the fuck are you speaking to me

- People who use the line " I'm bored wanna talk " - If they have gone to the lowest and cannot think of anything but to use you as a final hope to entertain ones self then they can get lost.

Most of the general public who would view this would like the post. Yet they to are just as bad despite them not knowing the darkness within them. But i know , i know.

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