Greetings fellow travelers. Last night we had a discussion about HF and how to give characters a multi class option. I know we can try the simple multi class option from the 3rd edition and so on but we decided to use the aspect system instead. What we came up was that a 1st level character can spend 2aspects in order to add limited spellcasting ability from a class of his/her choice. By limited we choose to allow the caster to acquire only 5 spellcasting levels gained once per 2 levels. So a Paladin with 2 aspect of the cleric at 10 level he/she has spell slot equal to a 5th level cleric.

So what's the catch? We decided that we would level up at every session but the hero with the limited spellcasting ability needs an extra session to advance to the next level.

Another Idea that came to the table was to allow the Paladin with spells to level up normally but he has his/her HD lowered to d8, equivalent to cleric.

Do you have more ideas for our gaming table? Have a great weekend 😀

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Thanks to +Sophia Brandt for a positive review of Heroic Fantasy.

My main goal was to provide a more rounded and described version of TBH that 'fills in the gaps' from the delightfully minimalist style of the original. On the way I added in lots of rules tweaks, races, classes, spells, some new monsters and a mini adventure.

I guess you could see it as a series of house rules, but hopefully the whole package is nice and complete. It makes an ideal gift. ;-)

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Thank for creating Heroic Fantasy 😀 my wish list for the future it would be a Companion Book with Mass Combat, Naval Combat, a class building tool... Wait it's not Christmas 😎 Ok apart from jokes, it is an awesome game. I have already started adding new rules to address the above wish list of mine.

I just thought I would pop in and see if there is any progress on s'more Heroic Fantasy products?

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I can think of some, but modesty forbids... 😀
I read recently that the Legend of the Five Rings mass battle system was way better than the D&D one. I'm assuming it's Lot5R 4th (3rd had good ideas, but failed in fundamental areas like which army actually wins the battle) and D&D 5th (there are as many iterations and home rules as there are stars in the sky).

Someone else mentioned that Bushido had a good set too. Fundamentally you want a set of rules where we care what happens to the player characters and how they might have an effect on the battle or have a cool personal story more than other factors right?

What other good mass battle rulesets are out there? Emphasis should be on the good rather than simply listing a game that happens to have a set of rules. ;)

Reading Heroic Fantasy now...Humans gain a D4 Guile Usage Die (page 13). Searching for "Guile" in the rest of the book I don't see anywhere this die is explained. Where is it explained if anywhere? (Be funny if you say "check page 13".).

(Maybe I'm not understanding what "next TEST" means).

My hosting company has some hardware problems, so my websites are all currently unavailable. I don't know if the recent Wordpress hacking issue is related, but think it is a coincidence.

That Heroic Fantasy hardcover book is now out on Drivethru. It's a wee bit of The Black Hack fun, put together for me to run some epic D20 without the heft.

Anyway, there you go.

A second proof has been ordered for Heroic Fantasy.

Fingers crossed...!

We are writing the next Wordplay book: Dramaguhl - City on the Edge of Nowhere

Here's one of the professions that you may take...

Dramaguhl has more than a hundred of the Everlasting Legions to command into virtuous battle. The most ancient and powerful of them has no more than fifty serving soldiers. The rituals demand that the glorious legions be maintained in all their finery for the great victory parades that permeate the festival season. Legion regalia are preserved whilst war effectiveness has departed. You are a member of one of the most glorious of legions and dutifully carry out the necessary functions to keep the dream of future conquest alive.

Your armour gleams with the burnish of a thousand polishes, your crest flutters in the breeze, your weapons are sharp and honed as they have never been used, you are the very picture of the heroic legionnaire that has kept Dramaguhl safe these uncounted generations. And yet, beneath the lacquer, there lives a warrior, eager to prove themselves in true battle.

Body Traits: Chiseled and strong, Hand to hand combat, Battles, Ranged Combat, Riding, Long Marches, Bodyguard, Staying alive in battle

Mind Traits: Assess the army, Battlefield Tactics, Bind wounds, Drills and parade, Formation fighting, Fortifications, Keeping Watch, Legion traditions, First Aid,Siege tactics, Supply and provisioning,

Soul Traits: Air of command, Brave, Glory and honour, Loyal to the memory, Never fought a real battle, Protect the city!

What is the name of your legion? What glory has it covered itself in? In which battles was it triumphant? What orders is it now under? With which other legion is there a rivalry and how does that manifest?

Have you tasted and real battle? Who won?
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