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Started some writing on Wordplay2 today which rounds out all the core rules of the game. I briefly cover 'Many Roll Challenges' and 'Constructs'.

Examples now required across the text and some more detail on the embedded setting. Mostly it is the setting that is left to do.

It is interesting coming back to the game after a while. I seem to be expressing the game more succinctly.

(The MeWe Wordplay group is here:

I am unsure what social media outlet, if any, I am going to land on just yet.

I want to make sure I hear about the Wordplay 2 Kickstarter.

Is there a mailing list?

How do power sub-traits work in Wordplay 2.0?

Do you get 4 sub-traits of a step lower than the master trait?

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#RPGaDAY2018 Describe your plans for your next game

Wordplay: "A State of Constant Renewal"

Having just come off a long campaign, I am looking for something action-focused and a bit of a romp. I am tooling up to run a game using +Graham Spearing's Wordplay. It will be a near-future setting where a vast Corporation, Renewal Corp., is fixing the world's pollution and industrial waste with a mix of algae and nanotech. They are literally saving the planet.

As they clean these ruined sites, they replace them with carefully sculpted spaces filled with living smart matter. Wind, water, and data in perfect sync and flowing through designs carefully crafted by algorithms both intricate and astounding. The internet is blending with this living substrate to become more shamanistic and spiritual. It is a golden age.

What the PCs know, as deniable assets once used by Renewal Corp, is that this is part of the Board's plan to rework the chi-force of the world to take control of destiny itself. The PCs are marked for death and hunted as they use their chi-punk powers, digital Taoist "magic", and good old fashioned kung fu to save the day.

I expect things to blow up - future cars, cool set pieces, and loads of mooks and the new deniable assets that replaced the PCs.

It's a mix of Feng Shui, Cyberpunk, Biopunk, Night's Black Agents, Shadowrun (where Tolkein is replaced by Wuxia), Monkey Magic, and a load of other influences. It comes from an idea I had long ago watching a Waste Management ad about cleaning up Hong Kong's harbor and how that was "very good joss indeed".

Is Wordplay 2 in a place where you will be needing play-testers?

I am getting set to run my next game and I am looking at using Wordplay, but I could give the new hotness a test drive at the same time.

After reading and watching Ready Player One, I am hoping to revamp my old net.Cops game - this time using Wordplay. In it, you play agents of a security service that some unspecified government uses to police the global virtual reality network.

In the original incarnation, all of the action took place in the Net and Tactical Teams were sent to arrest people in meatspace once they were defeated and their IPs tagged.

For the Wordplay version, I am thinking of having two Body trait sections- Body and Avatar, to reflect the character in each locale.

Mind and Soul can be used in each, but flaws might be specific, such as "Better With People Online 6d".


I'm a bit late to the party, but I've just discovered Heroic Fantasy and I'm loving it!

I'm about to start a campaign online for some long-distance friends and I just want to get things hammered down before they start making characters.

My only hesitation is with Elves. They seem kind of overpowered to me. Have people been playing them as written? If not what kind of changes have. you made?

Can I suggest an ePub edition of Wordplay 2nd Ed?

Many of my digital copies of games are PDF, but I am growing fond of having a quick and low graphic version of the rules of games on my phone for quick reference.

Mobi as well, maybe for the Kindle set...

Any news on the Wordplay 2 front?

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Behirs for HF ;-)
Hacked Monsters: Behirs
Hacked Monsters: Behirs
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