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It’s all systems go here at Texthelp HQ. During the summer months, our Texthelpers have been busily putting together a new training area designed to help you get to grips with using Read&Write when, and how it suits you.

The Texthelp Training Portal ( is crammed full of quizzes, training guides and videos, all designed to help you learn the basics of all of our Read&Write products. As you learn, you’ll collect badges along the way, all helping you become an expert. Best of's all free!


Still plugging away with gmath. My next question is around gmath and google forms. Is their anyway that when a student is using the response format of gmath that the actual image will show up in the form and not the image code. This makes things tricky when you are completing multi-step equations and need to show you work as opposed to just the answer. Even if I go into the sheet and remove the apostrophe because their are multiple images they don't show up. Any ideas? Can we make this a feature?
PS. I have lots of questions but only because I really like the tool!

Hi gMath, is there anyway to change the graph from radian to degrees? 

Hi. I have a teacher who signed up for the 30 day trial. She wants the free premium version for teachers. When she tried to fill out the application, she was still not getting the premium features.

Please advise.

Many thanks in advance! 

It would be great if we could enable/disable the Read&Write extension by right clicking on the extension itself rather than going into settings! 

when using gmath I often find when I say the variable (eg. a, b, c,x etc.) they come out upper case (i.e. A,B,C,X.) Is there anyway to avoid this?


I've signed up as a teacher but free version of readwrite is still counting down, any ideas?

I remember seeing a Google Slide presentation a couple months ago for Read & Write for Google on the TextHelp wesbsite. Does anyone have the link? I've looked under Support and Training and just cannot seem to find it. This would be really save me time for a demo I'm doing soon. 

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