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Do you and your students feel like stars when using Read&Write or EquatIO? Then please consider sharing your star-power with us by giving our tools a star rating in the Chrome Store. We appreciate your feedback!

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Do students need to download WriQ in order to see what teachers are inputting?

WriQ is back up and running as of yesterday morning. Please reach out to if you are experiencing any issues.

Hi Everyone,

WriQ is temporarily down for maintenance. We're sorry for any inconvenience and will let you know as soon as it's back up and running.

Hey! I just began experiementing with WriQ. It's a neat concept. I have worked on several documents and have noticed a few things. I would love an opportunity to make comments as I check over the WriQ marks. Also, I think there should perhaps be another "error" catagory for things like leaving out words or phrases, including extranoeus information...Perhaps an opportunity to use proofreading marks!!!! Students learn what these mean and it's a nice shorthand to use when working on revising. Neat add-on. Still needs tweeking. I would certainly use it as is, but could get even better.

What is the outlook for addition of checking for capitalization errors? I also like that the score is based on correct word sequences.

Ok..really trying to get a handle on Fluency Tutor. I share the passage in Classroom, turn off tools for the cold read, then they read and submit. Now I can't get them back to an option to hear the story read to them. Yesterday, my students COULD see the article with the tools available. Now, they're gone. Help

Question...I turned off my teacher dashboard to see what the student view looked like bc I was given the option, but now I can't get back in as a teacher

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Google adds new terms to comply with Connecticut student data privacy laws
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