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ABNEGATION- 1 spot open
Representatives: +Dhriti Bharadwaj Daughter of Poseidon​​
+Aamina Jamal Khan​​
+Shreya Ghosh​​
AMITY- 1spot open
+Caroline Edgar
CANDOR- 1 spot open
Representative : +Liagiba Ledroc​​​​​
Deputy: ((open))
DAUNTLESS- 1 spot open
Representative: +Dhriti Bharadwaj Daughter of Poseidon​​​​​
+Snigdha Saha​​
Deputy: +Aamina Jamal Khan​​​​
+The Crazy Band Obsessed Demigod​​​​
Head Supervising trainer: +TheDemon Brothers​​​​
ERUDITE- 3 spots open (Two leaders, One deputy)
+Nethra Balachander​ ((temporary until +Mahalaxmi Kp​ answers but she scored well on the IQ test))

All the best

Part 2
_I walk into the room, faced with a
hundred or so 16 year old citizens. I look at the colours they wear- the blues, reds, blacks, yellows, whites and greys- as they sit divided and organised. I take my place, central to them._

I take a breath, raising my hand to silence the little babble there was, and speak. I recite a speech, akin to that in which I was told, merely ten years prior. I tell them of the history of our world, and our city. I told them of the importance of what they are about to go though, and how they are expected to behave.

_"Now, please remember, that your test result does not have to be what you choose tomorrow, but merely an educated suggestion. It is up to you allz to take that suggestion, and decide whether it is where you truly belong. You cannot change your faction, and initiation can be tough. And not seeing your family constantly can bring you down, but we do have a day, halfway between the initiation duration, were your parents can visit you. Now good luck, and only do what's right for you." I end my speech, and walk out.,_

Hey guys, I feel like this community has been somewhat forgotten. So lets try and bring it back.
Part 1
There's something about walking through the streets after dark- with no one around, and only the sounds of the trains every now and then- that puts me at ease. Sometimes, all I need is to walk at night, feeling the chill, to calm me down, and clear my head.

Ever since I came to Candor, my life had been so different. I went from being one of the Dauntless' biggest miscreants, along side my twin sister, to being an honest, hard working, Candor initate. Ten years later, I still miss it sometimes. But who wouldn't, when you end up as one of Candor's youngest head representatives?

The stress from working at the top end, almost since I completed initiation, has really hit hard now. I've seen many of my peers get into realationships, some even married and planning there families. But it's something I've struggled with, and it's not to do with my job.

I am yet to find another girl, who is capable of feeling the same way about me, as I would. I've been interested in plenty, but they are always unrequited. I wear my sexuality on my sleeve, as expected for a Candor, but no-ones ever expressed interest.

But this isn't why I'm so stressed... in a few short days, this years Choosing Ceremony will be under way, and I'm responsible for it this year. And that also means orchestrating the Aptitude tests the day before. There will be quite a lot of young boys and girls, who will be making the biggest descion they will ever make, and unknowingly trusting me to make it all work. Its a big responsibility to have, and I'll do all I can, my best.


I look up at the sound of my name being called. I'm approaching the main entrence to the Merciless Mart, a name I still can't stop myself from using. I look around, and miss the lone figure in the shadows at first.


I speed my step and almost make her fall down once I reach her, as I wrap her into a tight hug.

"What are you doing here, Lia?"

"What, can't a girl vist her twin sister?"

"Well, you know, Faction before blood and all that," I say, releasing her, "Now, answer my question."

She gives me a slight shove in the shoulder.

"After all these years, you still know me so well," Lia smiles in the dim light, "I just came to make sure your not chewing yourself out with the preparation for Thursday and Friday. I know what you were like back in Dauntless, and I've seen what it takes to organise this event. I'll have to do it next year, you know?"

"Yes, well, thank you, Liagiba..." I say, swiping my key card through the door lock, "Hey, have you thought about how its kind of ironic, your name and all? We're twins, and we chose different factions, I call you Lia, and I chose to be forever honest?"

"Haha, yeah, I guess I've never thought of that. Well, I'll see you around, sis. We miss you, you know?"

"Yeah, I know. I miss you all too. Tell mum and dad I love them, will you? And I love you too."

Lia nods, with a sad smile on her face. "Will do. Love you, sis."

With her goodbye, I close the door. Feeling somewhat better now, I head up to my place.

I don't expect anyone to continue from this, I'm just hoping you get inspired by this.

Seems like everybody forgot about the new initiates! Alrighty. ..we need to take a break..all Dauntless born, meet me at the pit!
We need to crank up a party! not sure what to do..please help !,

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I wondered through the busy streets of the city, amongst the blue, black & white, yellow & red, and even some grey.
I finally arrived by the large bean shaped sculpture, that was once known as the 'Cloud Gate'. This is where I was to meet an old friend of mine, who transferd from Dauntless to Erudite... Eliza Perry.
And though some reckon we are related, we dont think so, as it is more of a coincidence.
I cannot wait.
Whaaa?? Someone just bumped in to me.
I turned to them, and recognition passed through my mind.
"Do, do I know you?"

hi not sure what to do!

Hey! Let's all role play together! How about someone start a new scene with their characters? I'll start..
I was reading my book at the park when I suddenly saw.....

Guys, I have a problem... I took a quiz out of the back of my copy of Divergent, and I got 2 Candor, 2 Abnegation, 2 Dauntless, 2 Amity, and 2 Erudite.
I'm screwed...
I need help, which do I pick? I'm so very confused...
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