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*Welcome to The Republics. The Republics are several different areas or kingdoms. There are various rulers and leaders throughout The Rupublics. There are also dangers too, many enemies surround The Republics, that is why there are walls around the kingdoms. Can you survive and help The Republics? Or will you betray your people?*


1. The Republic of Kien. It is a beautiful, and calm kingdom. The people there have the power of the night, or shadows.

2. The Republic of Beaveth. It is a dangerous kingdom, because there are many thugs and outlaws living there. The people have the power of lighting and fire.

3. The Republic of Draossa. It is a normal kingdom, with kind or mean people. The people have the power of ice and water.

4. The Republic of Velin. A very organized, and strict kingdom. The people have the power of nature and earth.

5. The Republic of Soremma. A very fun, and lively kingdom. The people have the power of the moon, and can manipulate air.


The Republic of Kien:
King: (Open)
Queen:(Taken) +Aesery yui
Princess: (Taken)+SuperMishiDoesYT +Mαяιssα
Lord.:(Taken) +Kуσjιи Hαяυкι

The Republic of Beaveth:
Princess:(Taken) +Lilah
Prince:(Taken) +Aiko Muzuki

The Republic of Draossa
King: (Open)
Princess:(Taken) +R Choi

The Republic of Velin:
King: (Open)
Princess: (Taken) +Alura Evelyn Scarlet

The Republic of Soremma:
King: (Taken) +The Lime Dorito
Queen: (Taken) +Scarlett Lord of BoneCliff
Princess:(Taken) +NickyThePirateArcticWolf TheKawaiiShortie :3
Prince:(Taken) +Seth Shadow


1. No Bullying/Cussing: Do not be mean, or disrespectful to each other. And no cussing towards each other.

2. No Sexual Posts/Language: Do not post inappropriate pictures or roleplay posts. And no hentai language.

3. No Asking For Mod: Do not ask for a spot as moderator or owner.

4. No Human Pictures.

5. No Op/Godmodding.

6. Have Fun!


"You do not have to be a knight or citizen. You can be an outlaw, rogue, or slave. The owner will be able to pick who is royal. King is the highest role in society. But you have to be in a kingdom."










!Powers (Depends on your kingdom.)!

!Weakness Required!











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Is fly low over the castle of Beaveth on a giant bat
+Nikky Chan

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!Name! Kayla

!Nickname(s)! Goddess

!Age! "18."


!Appearance! "Pictures."

!Bio! Nome

!Likes! Some people

!Dislikes! Girly girls

!Powers! Ice and Fire magic

!Weakness Required! Some magic

!Skills! Combat/magic

!Weapons! All the swords in the pic

!Personality! Kind funny

!Republic! ???







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i quietly was training by my castles garden none stop,when i suddenly heard something or someone who's out there! (Open rp)

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Name : Yhorm

Nicknames : Yhorm the Giant

Gender : Male

Age : 147 ( being a giant has allowed him to live for hundreds of years and hopefully many more )

Rank : Lord of Cinder ( he is not a Lord of the kingdom in fact for from it . It is just a title given to him for the amount of the Fire brewing within him

Appearance : see picture

Bio : Absolutely massive towers over most kingdom walls . When he was 114 he lost the only woman he ever loved after that he was plunged into a great depression . After he snapped out of his depressed state he returned to his knighthood as a knight of Beaveth . He now acts as a guard over a large part of the kingdom

Likes : fire , his Machete , his armour , serving his kingdom & being in the thick of battle

Dislikes : the other kingdoms

Powers : incredible strength , dexterity & resistance . When gravely wounded he will set his body aflame healing his body underneath the searing flames ( he can use this in battles to heal and stay fighting )

Weakness : A legendary sword named Stormcaller when it's special attack is fully charged it can bring Yhorm to his knees . He can die if damaged enough but it is far easier to find and use the Stormcaller

Skills : Brutal swings with his Machete , smashes with his feet / hands & let's out a mighty roar and smashes the ground Boosting his damage for 15 minutes

Weapons : his Massive Machete

Personality : quiet , honourable , loving if given a reason to be , kind of dumb & easily angered

Republic : The Republic Of Beaveth

Friends : the Lord of Beaveth

Family : all dead

Pets : none

Allies : the Lord of Beaveth & most of Beaveth's knights

Enemies : multiple people in the other Kingdoms & multiple lords

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Is sitting in front of a burned down building read scrolls and notes
((Open RP))

!Name! Steven Son
!Nickname(s)! What ever the like.
!Age! 73
!Rank! Butler to Miss Pheonix.
!Appearance! Looks like Alfred

!Bio! Steven was raised by a powerful gang of assasins. Unfortunately, he was a TERRIBLE assasin. So his father had him killed. Luckly, his mother stole him, and gave him to the Butler corperation to save his live.

!Likes! Butler-ing.
!Dislikes! Who knows, who cares! His master's dont.
!Powers (Depends on your kingdom.)! Extreme Agilty.
!Weakness Required! Force, as he is quite old and therefore getting fairly weak.

!Skills! Butler-ing, Cleaning, cooking, Etc Etc Etc.
!Weapons! Nothing.
!Personality! Posh, Like Alfred pretty much.
!Republic! Beaveth

!Friends! Other Butlers from the Butler corperation.
!Current Master! Miss Pheonix.
!Family! None.
!Pets! None.
!Allies! Butlers, Beaveth Roatly.
!Enemies! Evil Butlers.
!Other! Did i mention he has some SICK chess skills?

+Lilah, wanna do an RP?

Is putting up a flier
| Assassin | Theif | Guard |
| For Hire |
| Just meet me in any |
| Soremma alleyway |
| And look for the S |
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