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1. No Swearing or Sexual content/posts are allowed

2. In fact... no swearing at all!

3. Don't post random/stupid things

4. Don't be mean to other people in this community (Unless it's apart of the Rp)

5.Dont post too often (only once per two days)

6. If I see anyone who's making it so that they're unstoppable, 1 warning

7. Have fun!


[The final fight]

• Me (Ink!Sans)
+Error Sans The God of Destruction​ (Error)

(As many peeps as ya want)
*Ink Sans watched Error cause pain and horror to people for too long, it was time for her/him (whatever gender you think Ink is) to stop Error once and for all, but Error used some people to control for his side, knowing he/she could not fight alone, he/she called out to others to help*
(Open Rp)

This place looks deader than those people from before.

Anyway, I'd thought I'd ask if anyone is up to meet the new Monado,mince I'm gonna do work to the profile.

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Name: Valkerie
Age: 9043
Species: Black Kyurem (Pokémon)/Valkerie (Clash of Clans)
T or P?: Pokémon
Moves: Freeze Shock, Outrage, Fusion Bolt, Iron head, any other Moves that Black Kyurem can learn can be used mid battle
Lvl: 100 by now
Bio: "I was born 9043 years ago as an ordinary child, and I had an ordinary, fantastic life, but unfortunately, this was around the time the war started, and I watched my parents killed before my eyes, so I had to live and thrive on my own, and when I was old enough, I was forced to join the military due to the doctors finding out that I was part Valkerie, a deadly and powerful, independent Species of females, and I was trained in the best sword combat on earth, however it didn't feel right, so then I trained in Axe training instead because of the Valkerie DNA, and to follow that up I was also trained in every form of martial arts, and when I was finally sent to battle, well while I'm not proud of the things I had to do, I moved up the ranks quickly and efficiently, I eventually was allowed to build weapons, such as the hidden tesla [Image 4] which was a weapon that blasted high voltage at its enemies, and soon after, the White Kyurems ended up winning with their double cannons, and I was free to move on with my life"
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This is for my "friend" in the sky

Name: Rayquaza

for me my "dad" for the next weeks

Gender: Male

Species: sky high

Type: dragon/flying

Ability: air lock

Age: 199999 haha! He's old!

Moveset: extreme speed rest hyper beam Draco meteor dragon ascent

Bio: there's not much to say about him except that he stopped groudon and kyorge multiple times and that he gotten here from a "timeline" accident one of it was me fighting a guy I know and the other was being pulled towards me. And actually having a Gender. he is funny and protects me often but he always leaves to deal with groudon and kyorge. You know so the world doesn't explode... or have to much water or to much ground.
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click on the link Pokemon Duel now to get Unlimited Gems and Coins

{[Title:]} In search of ideals.

{[Location:]} relatively unknown, close to a temple.

{[Time:]} 14:56

{[Participants:]} [Open slot] [Open slot]

{[Characters used:]}
Yours truly: Unnamed knight.

{The sun glared down upon the earth, bringing its life to the trees and plants, sustaining the world as all would know it. Wandering the earth, a man, tall and strong in build and stature, plated with steel and mail armour, would grasp a longsword within their left hand, due to the noticable lack of scabbard for the sword.}

"It really is hot around here...though that's probably just me, all this armour can get rather hot..."

{Muttering to themselves, the knight would walk through the terrain with little difficulty, as they search for their ultimate goal; The sword of ideals...}

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I feel like doing a survival based roleplay, anyone interested?

I lived
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