glad to say im officially vegan

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Learning to Love Horses | One Trainer’s Journey Away From Riding
Giving up riding is incomprehensible to most horse lovers. So what would lead a lifelong trainer, trader, and rider of horses to not only walk away entirely, but even question the concept of domestication itself? Hear from Ren Hurst about her incredible journey through various schools of training, to an entirely new and controversial paradigm of equine understanding and practices. One driven by compassion, unconditional love, brutal honesty, and the total relinquishment of control.
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➣ Why She Walked Away:
➣ “Natural” Behavior Fallacy:
➣ Riding As A Drug:  
➣ Horse Riding Playlist:
➣ Is Horse Riding Vegan?:
➣ The Effects Of The Bit:
➣ Horse Racing:
➣ Horse Carriage Rides:
➣ Texas Cattle Rancher Goes Vegan:
➣ What Will Your Legacy Be?:
➣ My Video On Abortion [mentioned]:  
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this whole foods place sounds so awsome also this was made by mercy for animals you shoud check them out

hey everyone im am glad there are so many of you but i have great news im gonna send a small speech about animal abuse to the congress and i want to here what you want me to put in there i already have some ideas but i want you opinion and i will see what i can do 

i feel stupid asking but do you like the community pic i feel i should get your opinion i like to change things often so yea i wanted to ask you before i might change it

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Hi everyone, i just joined this community and i will try my best to help. Now you could ask anyone who knows me if i am against animal cruelty and it will always be definitely i am crazy about people abusing animals and i want to stop it . I have a idea but not too effective. Maybe if every person could go to the people they know and ask are you against animal cruelty? If the answer is no then explain it to them make them feel it make them be in that animals shoes use lots of words that will make tears come out of their eyes convince them show them videos and change them make them say ANIMAL CRUELTY SHALL STOP! change their mind.

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Cant wait for turkey season!!!! 

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How is this for killing innocent animals?
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