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Foxy did not killed kid.(girl)
Fredbear did not killed kid.(boy)
Bonnie, Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Foxy. and Gold Freddy. never not tell you too long old year.

Foxy did not killed kid. itself ghost try touched Foxy’s Body. same Chica and Bonnie, Freddy Fazbear.
male his named Fredbear did not killed kid boy. someone who told them animatronics.. itself ghost souls and other someone.. and Springtrap-(Vincent man Purple Guy) mean (Purple Guy, Purple Man…(evil) Purple man) and same Shadow Freddy… did with this animatronics. animatronics
itself Real good. later too long old year…happen …animatronics turn Evil.
1. Ferdbear did not killed kid-(Boy)
2. Foxy did not killed kid-(girl)
3. Spring Bonnie did not killed Humans-(few or more People)
Yes, that’s right.
1. Spring Bonnie saw it. there bad 4 men try gets little boy. boy cried. try put Fredbear’s jaw.-(mouth). Bad 4 men did it. Spring Bonnie never not tell you too long old year.
2. Bonnie saw it. Foxy did not killed kid girl. someone try touched him…itself Foxy’s Body. who told? try told him sees ghost talked with him Foxy in mind. called him name. like a whisper “Foxy, i want you kill her kid do it.” like that. sometime Bonnie saw him Foxy… he did not killed her kid. Bonnie never not tell you too long year.
1. Vincent man Purple did it. he did killed 5 children use with knife try kills 5 children. mean himself. he try Fooled 5 children.
man-(Evil) mean “hated children, kids, Humans and People.. and animatronics” yes, that’s Right. Vincent man Purple go and down try get Spring Bonnie’s Body. Real Vincent man Purple Turn animatronic named SpringTrap. Real has named Spring Bonnie.
2. “the bodies were never to be found”? … Ahem Yes, that Puppet master did it. Puppet Master look for get Masks 5. put on masks kids… itself kids-(5) very Real Turn animatronics. Called them names Bonnie, Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Foxy. and Gold Freddy. kids Before after animatronics.-Real kids 5 Turn animatronics. I know there are. animatronics yes have bodies. kid’s in Bonnie’s Body same Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Foxy.and Gold Freddy have.“The animatronics Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and Bonnie are fun during the day but at night they’re different, because they will try to find you. This place was shut down because one day a staff member lead five children to a back room. People saw this event happen and called the police, but when the police went to take a look, the bodies were never to be found. One day though people noticed the animatronics were leaking out blood and mucus from their mouths and eyes. Then in 1987 Foxy malfunctioned and bit a kid which then spawned the bite of eighty seven.”?  Foxy never not go get hurt kid. Foxy say just looked at her that's all. same Fredbear. mean watch out there Shadow Freddy Dark Form/Ghost.Be careful.If shadow try touched you. you turn Evil. can happens Animatronics easy.” see. that’s Right. Spring Bonnie, are you wish need change new one Animatronic?i say i wanted you stay away from thereVINCENT and Shadow Freddy. says “The Purple Freddy the Killer lures the animatronics with in the minigames. see.The Killer’s dead body stuffed inside Springtrap. “Springtrap Jumpscare Left Springtrap Bonnie’s jump scare from the doorway.”Shadow Animatronics (shadow, ghosts, soul)-mean death the same like people and kids and animals too. we not live mean death. If you try kill him die than and death.. man’s body out of body ghost alive. that’s easy same men or women.Golden Freddy and Golden Bonnie. .Animatronics (alive) (you are not die.) that’s easy. see. mean watch out there Shadow Freddy Dark Form/Ghost.Be careful.If shadow try touched you. you turn Evil. can happens Animatronics.”

Chica might of done the bite of 87 because she does not have her beak when she goes off stage. She could not gat to your head if she had a beak
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