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Game 3 of the Preliminary Finals in #Brisbane today.
The Game will be broadcast right here on this link for free at 1pm AEST.
Whoever wins here goes to Melbourne Ballpark to take on the Jet Courier Melbourne Aces in the Grand Final CLAXTON SHIELD SERIES for the ULTIMATE CROWN in AUSTRALIAN PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL:

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Tonight at 6:30PM Australian Eastern Standard Time you can tune into the Australian Baseball League for FREE on ABL-TV Youtube.
No registrations of any kind required.. Just PURE BASEBALL:
Go to the link below at Game Time and 'Enjoy it'

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The Southern Queensland Winter Baseball League  have a couple spots left on Milton Brewers and Chermside Cubs teams in Reserve Grade. Teams carry 12-16 players in the  league as it's more social and you can play when your available. If you're keen to play Reserve Grade please inbox the SQWBL Facebook page and we can give you the coaches contact details. Contact a League Official by email at ---> 

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Premier Grade Baseball Practice at Kedron-Wavell Ballpark today.
Great day out with over 50 players in attendance making sure to get last minute Opening Day 'Game Ready'
Incidentally the Southern Queensland Winter Baseball League Opening Day will be Sunday April 24 from 8am.
Get to the Ballpark early to get great seating.
Relaxed atmosphere and a lot of Great Baseball will be the go.
For more information ⚾️👍🏻
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Even though i am on an 'American League' Team[Mariners] in the Southern Queensland Winter Baseball League, i had my chance at the Plate today.
1 Hit, a single to Right Field and 1 Ground out to 1st Base.
I also threw one Frame in the 2nd Inning and i think the Coach was happy that i still have some accuracy as well as junk that works.
My 1/2 Inning on the Mound saw me take the Batting Order 3 Up/3Down all on Ground Balls with me handling one myself, a come backer to the Mound.

Speaking not just for myself but for the larger majority it is pretty easy to see that while we still are not 100% in form we are all very eager for our 'Opening Day' which by the way is not far off.
I cannot confirm the details but it is my suspicion that with growth and development in the SQWBL the logistics of Drafting Players to Teams is becoming a task requiring more attention and focus.
When this League started about 4 years ago it was born out of the Brisbane Industrial League which gave a great many A-Grade Summer Baseball Players a healthy option in staying fit and in contact with the Baseball over the Queensland Off-Season.
For those internationally who may not understand Queensland weather the "winters" here are maybe 10 degrees Celsius [which equates to 50 degrees Fahrenheit] on a "cold day" and that usually does not last for long and that is a fact.
SO you can see that while we are in a Queensland Winter[and rightly so] many locals are just like visiting tourists and quite happy with a degree of 'cool change' from the imposing weight of the summer sun.
If you have never experienced a Queensland Summer than you have not experienced HOT..
So now many of you should understand how the SQWBL has met with a higher degree of success than  critics and even opponents had thought would be the result.
The SQWBL boasts many A-Grade Level Baseball Players who are quite happy to keep fit over the winter and for those who are a bit on the edge of their seat about this those persons need to understand that the SQWBL is not a whip across the athletes back performace wise.
Our Elite Level A-Grade men are out here for the fresh air and sunshine and to keep a bit of polish on their skill set. ANd to be brutally honest, with the summer sun on the other side of the world how in good conscious can you expect these young men to sit on their hands like children with video games and behave? You're NUTS if you think these men will sit still watching MLB-TV when they KNOW they can grab their gear and show up at Kedron-Wavell Ballpark at Carseldine and get to chugging around the Bases in a REAL GAME..
It's pretty simple maths really.
Grown Men.Baseball. Sunshine:  GO------------------------> :-)
Notwithstanding a round ball turning square thus necessitating an in game re-think i would say honestly that we are ready to get on with the Season.
Guys such as myself will also have some fun shagging batting practice fly's that the Premier Grade[A-Grade] Hitters will be walloping and this makes perfect sense for 2 reasons. Those reasons being quality Batting Practice for the Young Fellas making all the big noise on their way to the 'Big Smoke' and for guys like me who are just a whisker past their Elite level prime we get to keep razor sharp fielding skills in place. Everybody wins out here. Everybody..
Our Home Ground Kedron Wavell Ballpark is located off of Beams Road Carseldine and i have also included a Google Satellite photo for those who are curious.
We genuinely welcome spectator,visitors,and those who decide to take that additional step forward and inquire about playing Baseball with our League.
While the recruitment drive is 'Officially' almost over i can honestly say that nothing is impossible and it is always worth the effort to ASK questions!
I will enclose a link to the League website and it will provide more information and links to speak to League Volunteer Reps who can give you a one on one discussion about everything we do.
Speaking for myself i am strictly an active Baseball Player within the League and am quite happy to promote what we do strictly for the enjoyment of it all.
I like many of my Teammates and Leaguemates wish everyone a happy healthy 2016 and we will be at "The Ballpark' where you can find us:

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This Sunday from 8:am at Kedron-Wavell Ballpark Carseldine the Southern Queensland Winter Baseball League will be accepting applicant sign-on's for 2016.
A Skills&Drills Session and a Practice Game are planned to give new Players a chance to meet and get to know each other. New Player sign-on's will also be Drafted to their Team,so come prepared for Baseball and bring your Gear[including pants] and WATER:

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'Live Telecast' about to start:

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Tonight is Game 2 at the Fort in Canberra!
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