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Come watch Logan Wade and Andrew Campbell of the Brisbane Bandits Swing Wood in the Taiwan HomeRun Derby Broadcast 'Live' from Taiwan:

Show Starts in about 10 Minutes.

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Southern Queensland Winter Baseball League at it's best.
A Recreational/Social Baseball League designed to get men[and women] IN THE GAME and in the game inexpensively.
The SQWBL is a Standalone League yet does coexist with Baseball Queensland.
Winter League Baseball in Queensland should be more than an "experiment"
Like all good things our League must prove it's worth to continue acquiring support.
We do not 'Actively' solicit monetary sponsorships in the classic sense.
We do however encourage Local Business across the Brisbane Metro Region to look into the viability of their advertising with our League should there be a mutual benefit from the association.
The bottom line however with our League is that we are a healthy mix of developing players and seasoned veterans of varying level of skill.
Feel free to come watch one of our game, we don't charge admission and we consider ourselves a pleasant option for anyone looking for something different to do on any given Sunday morning.
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Mark Ready of the Brisbane Bandits discusses his decision to purchase the Team and why and what the City of Brisbane Australia means to Him:


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The Southern Queensland Winter Baseball League has to date this Season Registered no less than 140 Men&Women for the Winter League Season Competition.
That means ALOT of Teams and ALOT MORE FUN.

The Registration has been extended due to increased interest and popularity.
The link attached will allow you to fill out your very own application for Season Membership should you like to Join our League.

REMEMBER. If you have ANY Questions,Please email the League Administration at: and you will receive a prompt response.

Our Winter League is also on Facebook AND Twitter.
For Twitter users please follow us here: @SQWBL
For Facebook users please follow us here: SQWBLinc

To All of our Current and recurring Members We Say Thank You and We Look Forward to a Stellar 2018 Season.

The SQWBL is Proudly Partnered with on Brisbanes Northside as our Home Ground and also on Brisbane's Southside as our Southern Home Grounds.

The SQWBL Highly Recommends BOTH of these Baseball Clubs as the preferred choice for Summer League Baseball.

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From the Bush Leagues to the Professional we all have something in common.

The Need for Personal Safety of Patrons and Their Toddlers.

Please read my piece here and consider how simple it can be to for all of us to help each other possibly even eliminate these kinds of accidents:

It can happen in the 'Blink Of An Eye' and it won't even register for several seconds what has happened.
Football is a dangerous game it's true, but Softball and Baseball can be instantaneously LETHAL to the unsuspecting or ill prepared.

I'm no "crusader" by any stretch and i'm not taking subtle shots at anyone but i must confess that i was more than happy yesterday when the Mother of the Toddler[Boy] who was standing at the Fence with his little fingers poking through watching us Practice came back and pulled him back far away from the Fence.
We might not stop to think of it from moment to moment but the fact is the kid could have had his fingers bruised or even broken had he been struck by an errant thrown Baseball.

Why did i mention this?

Many years ago i saw a Toddler not much older than this one pictured hit point blank on the chest[breast bone] by a 'Line Drive' Foul Ball. The Ball was hit like a bullet from a gun and it took one short hop and then over the barricade into the stands and struck the child. In the moments prior to the toddler being hit the Mother was organising a baby bottle and the Father was turned away organising the blanket for the child. With the Toddler sitting between them but both looking away at the same time even for only a few moments,it was all it took for disaster to strike.

There can NEVER be enough proactive measures in place to keep Toddlers and Small Children Safe at any Venue where Softball or Baseball are played.

It is no personal slight to Parents to make them brutally aware of the risk involved with having a Toddler at a Softball or Baseball Game. It's all a matter of presentation and how the need for a higher level of awareness and personal safety is of the utmost importance.

As an afterthought i would Highly recommend any Venues or Stadiums that offer Child Minding Services so that Adults may attend a Softball or Baseball Game minus their Toddlers SHOULD Offer Classes to Mothers and Fathers on the real need for 'Child Safety' at Sports Events of this nature. Moms'&Dads take Baby Birthing Classes so why not Child Safety Classes at Baseball Stadiums?

There most certainly would be a way to make this a NEED TO DO Item among the more Socially Conscious Parents?

Please read this attached story of a horrible accident at a Softball Game involving a Toddler.
I Play Bush League Baseball in Australia and we have to be very aware of Children near our Fences and In-Play areas especially if they are unattended by an Adult.

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