Why am I here?
You have +HyruleMetalhead to thank for assimilating me
I don't know much about the mechanics of the games or the communities, but mark my words, soon I will know more about it than any of you peasants.
As soon as I know enough, I'll make a character. 

Sorry +JC 0618tg  I lashed out at you for reasons having nothing with you.

Manne: eating freshly picked vegetables while enjoying the beautiful day alone

((Open rp))

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Profile 1

Name: Manne

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6'9

Species and Class: Taguel

Weapon: Long Sword, Beast Stone

Likes: The heat of battle, anything plant related, animals, his allies, being alone, and the Plains

Dislikes: Meat, rotten vegetables, loud places, lots of people around him, cages, and having to kill someone.

DoB: February 14th

Family Members: Tiki (Great Great Grandmother), Nowi (Great Grandmother), Lon qu (Grandfather), Panne (Grandmother), Yarne (Father), and Nah (Mother)

Friends: N/A (Will be updated soon)

Love Interest: N/A (Will be updated soon)

Critical Quotes: "Bye bye now!", "Have you ever tasted foot?", "Time for overkill!", and "Rabbit's fury!!"

Bio and Personality: The first ever Taguel and Manquete hybrid. Due to him being different from most others, he is often away from most other people. That doesn't mean he wants to be thought as less than anyone else. Manne can't seem to find his parents and is touchy when people even mention the word parents. He usually looks serious and intimidating as Lon qu and Panne, but is sensitive and easy to frighten like Yarne. Because of this, he usually puts up a tough guy act and gets into danger. Manne is also somewhat paranoid, thinking that he is the last of his species and is shy around women (Like Lon'qu). In battle, Manne is very fast on his feet and strikes powerfully, but his biggest flaw is Restoration. Manne just wants friends, vegetables, and eventually a special someone to rub his ears and get old with.

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Name: Shenji Roranora
Age: 27
Class: Sniper
Likes: Brisk lands, reading, Sleep, birds, trees
Dislikes: Blabbermouths, slow talkers, sweets, knights, cocky people
Weapon: Killer Balista and cross bow
Family: A forest knight father
Friends: no friends, loner
Love Interest: no one yet
Backstory: Born in Kafti, Shenji was initially trained to be a forest knight much like his father. But as a rival group moved in and destroyed there group, shenji, along with the other children were taken at a young age and forced as fighters in the Caldonian army. Here his skill with a bow and ranged weapons showed.  Quickly acceding the others captured and the average fighter, Shenji became one of the best snipers. From there he eventually left his battle life when he realized he had killed many of his own kin and has been living as a hit man until a better job can be found.

Alyssa tugs her cello case behind her with an annoyed expression and puts her money in her bag
Those idiots weren't even there for the show! Only to look at that one innocent girl for their own stupid reasons! Idiots!

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Profile #5

Name : Alyssa Rey Kira

Age : 17

Hair : Black

Eyes : Light Brown

Personality : Easily Irritable, refuses to admit defeat. Judges a LOT even if she knows nothing about them.

Class : Swordmaster

Height: 5' 6.5

Likes : Shopping, Noodles, Swords, Yelling at... anyone

Dislikes : Getting hurt, ruined appearance, annoying/talkative people, blood

Weapons : Two Black-Bladed Katana (Resembles an 80 cm. Kodachi). Can fight with sheathes as well. Has a reverse-blade Hunting Knife.

Family : Dead

Friends : None

Love Interest : None

Friends : None so far.

Love Interest : None (Yet)

Bio: Alyssa lived in a family running a restaurant business. She was usually neglected by her parents because they favored her brother more than she, so she developed her irritable attitude. One day when she was 12, a cult group attacked the village and killed everyone before killing themselves. Alyssa survived, but watched her family die in front of her eyes, making her mad instead of sad or depressed and nearly drove her to insanity until she was taken in by a certain black armor-clad man. He raised her and taught her the art of the sword along with a certain boy. Every time they sparred, she would always lose, and as a result, got even madder, developing her attitude. She trained every day and after lots of training, actually beat that boy. This went on for 3 years and then she left to find a life of her own. She has been wandering for 2 years, working as a mercenary, musician, and cook until...

The hardest to satisfy( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ). A great cook and artist. Plays Cello.
Since killing so much in the past under Hei, Alyssa and F'Hei have developed an alternate personality. It comes out when they snap or lose lots of blood. Usually it can't be manually activated. When activated, a huge smile takes up their face and they become resistant to pain, though feeling it after turning back. Overall performance is increased by a lot. This is their bloodlust.

Anybody wanna rp? +mana pool +Hoenn Isabaki 

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Name: Peshi Gamora
Class: warrior
Likes: countryside, cooking, steam baths, drinking, ans sweets
Dislikes: meat, girls, chains, cans, fighting
Weapons: iron nagitina
Family: a few brothers and sisters left back home
Friends: mel, balefire, ryoku, winfrey
Love interest: ryoku
Rival: f'hei
Backstory: read the other one.
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