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Hey there all! I have noticed a that there has been a lot of advertising going on In this community.
For those of you who don't know (you should know... Read the guidelines if you don't) Advertising other homework help services that cost money is STRICTLY BANNED and advertising other free services is allowed but we request that you ask the owner or a moderator first.

As you all should know by now. The guidelines are posted in the community description (that's the thing on the side labeled "about community") so if you don't know them please read them.

If there is nobody here to help you figure out the answer to your problem please consider using one of the other free services listed in the links section of the community description.

If you do not comply with the community guidelines the Ban Hammer will be DROPPED and it hurts. A lot. So please, Follow the guidelines and you will be ok.
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Hi I'm new here
I will be entering the 6th grade next year
I don't want to give away my name or age so just call my dovewing, if that's alright with you guys
I have a hard time focusing in school sometimes tbh
If you need any help feel free to ask, though I might not be helpful trust me, I'm practically a grammer nazi so XD
I'm also a bit of an artist so I tend to draw on my homework...
I'm going on a little too long, have a great summer you guys and I can't wait to talk to you next year <3

Hi so it said to introduce im in 6th grade science 8th grade math 5th grade writing as for reading the materials i read can vary from 4th grade to 8th is the highest but the actual reading assignments would be 5th grade stuff and fith grade health/fittnes and 5th grade social studies

For those of you who are too lazy to press the show more button on the rules in the about this community or even those of you who just don't look there here is the list.
1. Don't give them the answer directly. This is cheating. The point of this community is to help them by giving an example or directing them somewhere to help solve their problem.  
2. No spamming. You will be given two warnings. On the third offense, you will be banned.  
3. Go easy on the swearing. There are younger people on here who aren't so keen to hear it. Swearing won't get you banned, unless it's a swearing after every word kind of thing.
4. Giving test answers results in an immediate ban, to both the provider and possibly the recipient.  
5. You are allowed to advertise other community's here, but please ask permission first.  
6. Please post in the correct category! The mods don't like having to change it.
7. This is a given, but please don't beg to be a mod!
8. Introduce yourself. We'd like to get to know you better!
9. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to tag a mod!

Hey guys, I'm new

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so i was doing a test and i came across this question... i already answered it... but maybe you'll find the options as funny as i did
Question: Which is the pressure on the plant cell wall caused by water passing in and out of the cell?
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tire pressure
blood pressure
turgor pressure
air pressure
tire pressure
blood pressure
turgor pressure

simple person with a brain that is too fast for the rest of me...
major cat lover
sometimes i can answer math questions and sometimes my brain is just somewhere else...
i commonly need help with Social studies / history
i do most of my worksheets and such in google docs and would be willing to help others with their homework on google docs whenever i am available.

If your car gets 24 miles per gallon how much does it cost to drive 400 miles when gasoline costs $2.50 per gallon?      

Which statement describes monotheism's historical impact?
A. The concept of monotheism spread throughout Asia, leading to the creation of Buddhism and Hinduism.
  B. The concept of monotheism was briefly popular, but later replaced by polytheism.
  C. The concept of monotheism inspired many powerful leaders to establish empires through conquest.
  D. The concept of monotheism was a revolutionary idea that influenced Judaism and Christianity.

Hello I am new to this community
I am 10 years old
Yes I am a 4 grader
I am a girl
I am very good with math :)

(I don't want to show my face but I gave you a few of my data)
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