For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of California
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Karen Gonzalez

Discussion  - 
Good day,
My name is Karen Cunningham Gonzalez. I am searching family history in the San Jose, CA area.
Barbara Scmitt Cunningham and Marshall Cunningham. I know Barbara and Marshall parted. Marshall went to OR and Barbara stayed in the San Jose area. She had two sons Henry Allen and and George. I am trying to find additional info. Thank you...Karen
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Hello CA Genealogy Network! We're casting members in Southern CA. If this fits you and you are ages 30-50yrs  please email us at for more info. Please share our info. thanks! Dan Bell Casting
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Jessica Schmidt

Discussion  - 
Does anyone know how I can access Birth/adoption records for 1925 Sonoma county?
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Have you contacted their county records office? Usually they will be able to direct you. Otherwise, the local genealogy society of the area might be able to help.
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