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Using social media could be risky for your professional image and brand.  Here are some strategies to help you navigate those risk.

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Google+ is the Social Underpinning for All Things Google

Great article feature input from +Bradley Horowitz regarding the future of Google+ and how it's the foundation for all Google products. Check it out and tell me what you think.

I love this comment from the article:

Google+ is much more than a social destination, there are still more than 300 million active monthly users on the site

I totally agree and my hope is that many more users and businesses will understand the importance of building a solid and engaging presence on Google+. What do you think?

I was wondering what some good social media analytical tools are for small businesses on tight budgets? Hootsuite seems to be the go-to and Facebook's insights has been helpful but any other suggestions for LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter?    #socialmediaanalytics  

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Social Media Active User Comparison
Social Media Comparison — May 2014
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Are you planning your social media marketing strategy for 2014? And wondering which social network is right for you?

Understanding "where your audience is" is a building block of social media strategy, that can decide whether your marketing efforts are going to be a successful venture or a waste of time.

So whenever possible, it's a good practice to base your social media choices on data. And to help you out the good folks at +Leverage New Age Media created an infographic, which gives a clear snapshot of the key stats for Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, and how to best leverage each platform.

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The Future of eCommerce Soars with Drones


To community managers and social media strategists: What is your general approach to dealing with negative comments on social media?

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From a business perspective, what social network have you found to be the most successful overall for driving results? By results I mean any sort of positive impact whether it's brand awareness, customer acquisition/retention, sales, SEO, thought leadership, etc. Thanks! #SMB  

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80% of pins are re-pins, so Pinterest holds a lot of #marketing potential for brands and business owners alike.

Our guide to Pinterest shows you how to get started on this #socialmedia platform:

What brands do you follow on Pinterest? #socialmediamarketing

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Lots of interesting tidbits here, especially  how effective social media initiatives mix inhouse with external help, and the value of creating distinct initiatives for individual brands.
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