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1- No sexual art is allowed here

2- No spam

3- Don't judge others people art if they didn't ask

4- don't steal online art from original creators

5- Mod if you see someone posting spam or stealing someone art or doing unrelated stuff please send a screen shoot and post it in the owner and mods only and tag me if another mod deletes it send me a private post and the person gets 3 chances

The first chance is 1 week ban

The second chance is a 1 month ban

And the 3rd one is a for ever ban

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I'm also open for requests
My Cthulhu drawing kinda failed it with the coloring but I still like it, what do you think?

Think anyone can draw an oc of mine...? Keep in mind that this oc has a bunch of forms so keep that in mind....anyways if you can I'd really appreciate it....

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Any drawing requests guys? I have three frames and want to draw a full piece into them, I will only draw human characters ((possible things are animal ears/tails))

I am willing to draw from both anime and tv shows as well as movies, J do take Oc's as well but those won't be done to be put in the frames

I'm not saying that my art is in no way good, I'm just asking for requests

Some of my art so you guys can see what I have to offer 😂😂😂

these drawing are in the range of around three to four months
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So it's 1am I am and I'm hella bored. Why not draw

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Anyone wanna do this?

1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12- 13- 14 15- me

16- 17-
Yo im just telling i dont draw humans and stuff like this.. For the others, just pick a number and send your character. Note: add me if you want me to tag you CLOSED

1- Donkat Three
2- Zach
3- me
4- GlaceICE 471
5- Melissa
6- Laura Late The Hungry Dragon
7- Gary Blunt
8- Yukoi-Booty
9- Cupcake Espeon
10- Ribbit
11- Mackenzie
12- kàrolyi tamara
13- GT Vegeta
14- prittykitty45 kat
15- sparklebrownie
16- sheirc0n
17- Baxter

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Should i draw a eddsworld comic and i'm not talking about EllsWorld did i spell the right? What ever just vote you nuggets
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Anyone ant me to draw their OC? I'm bored

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Woo! Thanks Kimy!
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