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These new gaming tables will be on Kickstarter in 32 days, if you want you can try and win one from them here

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#TerroriXico is a card game, as a team we must return these Mexican legends to the Book before they "TerroriXe" the streets.

Check it out now on #Kickstarter

#crowdfunding #cardgames

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Hello Friends! We just launched Diabolical Decisions: The Game Designed to Destroy Friendship!

Early friends LIMITED!

Ages 17+ 4-8 Players
60 cards designed to insult friends!

Please take a look,
Thank You so much! 

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ERECT7 is fast & funny, race your opponent to build an #erection and hit a money shot before they do! Available now on #kickstarter!!

#Erect7 #crowdfunding #cardgames

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Brand new on @Kickstarter: Strain Wars: The Collage Deck by Jason M. Shepherd

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Today is a good day to pledge! :)

Meet the East Land Realm

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We have 9 days to go and I'm sure that all of you have been through this. Have you ever asked yourself the question..."Am I ready? Is this the right time?" Maybe it's just me...but this countdown is making me nervous!!

I have one question for you. If you were launching a set of playing cards with a board game...would you classify them under playing cards or board game?


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We have just released gold gilt edging with no minimum order quantity.

Never been done before in industry but we can do it. That's what makes MPC special. The heavy investments in R&D and state of the art technology allows us to constantly break new grounds.


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MPC Mar·ket·Place (mär′kĭt-plās′)
1. An online arena where designers can easily sell their playing card and card game designs in their own Shop Space through the website
3. A place where card designers can make lots of money.
2. An all in one platform with no upfront costs as we, the manufacturer will take care of everything.

MPC MarketPlace [beta release] - Will be made available from next week onwards.

Stay tuned!
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