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Play2Evolve Card Game - Version 2.0

Hey my fellow lovers-of-liberty! I invite you to play my new card game called Play to Evolve, a way to connect with family and friends that doesn't suck. The game is designed to increase connection, emotional intelligence, and to understand responsibility on a deeper level. I see these skills as providing a foundation for people to more easily recognize coercion and liberate themselves from it. So I invite every one of you to order a deck and increase your personal power while contributing to the spread of empathy and liberty in the world.


- Level up your childrens' emotional intelligence
- Deepen all your relationships
- Clarify who is responsible when
- Improve your negotiation skills

"I've played Play to Evolve with my teenage sons and in adult small groups with great results. The game provides a supportive environment to learn how to clearly express emotions, needs and empathy and each time I've played, participants increased their ability to understand and communicate their needs [values/wants] and the needs [values/wants] of others. I also experienced that the realistic scenarios and interactions in Play to Evolve helped transfer the learning and practice to my day-to-day life." ~ Marisa Santangelo, Life Coach

Order a deck here:

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"...We are setting children up to accept a world that is based on the more powerful controlling the less powerful..."

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Have you ever thought about the phrase "human herd"?
I think most thought, and those few who have visited this question, instantly cut yourself off from this "herd", confidently believing that they are not the same. For us tend to think that we are not "stupid redneck, lumpens, biomass" and other categories with derogatory epithets. We categorically refuse to believe that we are manipulated, believing themselves (individually) independent individuals. And the most striking thing that no one will ever admit it to himself in return.
That's what we do. And somewhat like our perception of ourselves in society, as an independent person and it is like this, but it is partly. We are not able to withdraw entirely from the effects on our consciousness and behavior of external factors, and most of us completely dependent on them, because each of us belong to a particular social, political, religious, etc. groups. And here lies the most interesting.

As shows the whole history of mankind, we are ready to do everything (or almost everything) for the sake of defending the interests of the group to which we refer. And tear of the pharynx at rallies or wash in the blood of the fingers on the keyboard, punching people and tearing clumps of hair from your opponents, and at the edge take up arms, wiping cities and entire States, if we think the opponents are behaving "wrong to us".
And here I want to ask: from what you took, how did you have any understanding that that's your -- you personally born and Mature thought?
What makes you think that the person you are willing to "Polish mug" or even to kill him and all of his people personally, you did something bad?

But to answer this question just because not everyone can. Unable to think and/or emotionally disturbed persons immediately mark a lot, as it seems, "evidence" that this or that person, group of persons or an entire people are guilty in fact of the fact of the crime against him personally or his society. And can show that he is right, but that's the trick my question, the answer to which must be literal.
Just look soberly and without emotion on what is happening (at least in Europe) and ask themselves the single question, as everything falls into place.

Who created (made) the conditions that led to what we have?
And this question is universal, because it is enough to ask in any situation to get the correct answer and to determine the true source (the perpetrator) negative.
Let's go back to the same problem with "refugees" in the EU.
The answer to the main and the obvious question – guilty all the key governing structure of the EU and head of the dominant States, to be precise, first of all Germany and France. They're not simply made all this bacchanalia with "refugees", the ruin of the masses of farmers from sanctions against Russia and more. This is their personal orders to the army of NATO countries bombed Libya, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. Is Frau Merkel, Hollande and all the other European officials applauded and abetted the overthrow of power in Ukraine and contributed to the outbreak of the civil war in the Donbass.
But that's not all. And any sane person knows that Merkel, Hollande and other officials in the EU only part of the system, the gear (of the six) in the mechanism, which for centuries was built the real perpetrators of all the chaos that will plunge all of humanity.
Answer: who created the current world financial and political system?
The answer is obvious – a group of clans of billionaires, about the life and deeds of which practically nothing POPs up in the media (their names are not even mentioned in the list of Forbes). But from the opinions and decisions which depend the fate of entire countries and continents, and govern all current and past heads of state.
And we can once again ask myself the same question: who created the condition of our present existence?
Now back to what I started writing – the "human herd". Yes, that sounds disgusting and touches the feelings of any person. But aren't we "flock of sheep" driven "shepherds" to the slaughter to sacrifice to the idols of greed and unlimited thirst for power and profit?
After all, what made the Europeans in their hatred of the "refugees"?! Nothing but a response of hatred and hostility towards them. And more and more and more will become of this enmity, which will not allow nothing but terror, conflicts, wars, violence, death, destruction and hunger in Europe. And all this can be easily transferred to all conflicts on Earth.
"Divide and conquer" is their main principle influencing our "herd". They, these few families (the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and others) and the "six" raised to rule us as they please. And they absolutely don't care about all of us. On the contrary, they are even beneficial that we are dead in wars among themselves, invented or created by them same reasons. Because they have created a system of control "the herd" is not effective and is poorly controlled with the current amount of human "herd". They know perfectly well that no army can not keep their system, if the people will rise against them. Will not be able to due to the fact that we are more, and the army, and punitive agencies consist of people like us.
And the only salvation they have just stolen from us, just sense their existence – all of their power over the "flock" and life at our expense, are diverting us to a bloody showdown in sectarian, racial and religious wars. After all this growing diversity of conflicts and wars benefit only them and their cronies. No war did not bring the peoples reveling in her happiness and well-being.
Now think: who are we trembling creature, stupid flock of sheep or a person able to think and act independently?! We want to live and enjoy life, or to give their lives and the lives of our loved ones for the sake of power, this Horny handful-hooved creatures in human form?! While we remain dumb sheep, these miscarriages from hell will be our ruler, imposing their will and their desires.
While we will continue to blame what is happening to the Jews, Russians, Muslims, Chinese and so on, we will remain sheep – dumb cattle, meat for the slaughter, dust.
Kindly note that on the Internet actively jammed, zabaltyvaet trying to discredit any materials aimed at the prosecution and conviction of what is happening in the real perpetrators of what is happening, but not a day passes that resulted dozens or even hundreds of articles and other information "incriminating and accusing" anyone but a handful of "rulers of destinies". And many sheep in the herd it absorb, believe and bleat in unison: "all your fault ..... (necessary to substitute)". And when they read or hear, it seems that we really are stupid, brainless, slave cattle and sheep.

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Read this Book for Precise and Unbiased Overview of Sexual & Domestic Violence and other Crimes committed against Women and Men,

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Putting up promotion for my MGTOW( Men Going Their Own Way ) Channel.
You will find a mix of short comical clips relating to MGTOW Type Humor/Comedy and longer clips broken into few areas, article reviews of various sciences which i hold a masters degree in, personal stories relating to the MGTOW philosophy.
Ive also begun to work on some more in depth content about various things people misrepresent and then parade as a fraud like subjective objectivists or my next is authoritarian libertarians which is currently at 45mins length and growing as is just too large to pack into small video.

Much appreciate all views,likes, shares, comments and subs.

Constructive criticism welcomed.
Dogmatic subjective emotive rants against the channel will be moderated.
If you're a MGTOW more than welcome to get on hangout, don't do back and forth response videos.

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Imagine residents of beautiful cities of London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague and Dresden that

Your cities will turn into ghosts, with not a single person alive.

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Истинные "ценности" украинским деткам вдалбливают со школы. И это у них не считается чем-то зазорным, не осуждается, а, напротив, приветствуется (!!!)

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