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Hello! For it is Holy Bright and this is all you have to do to follow the monkeys ways.

1.The only people who get spanks by the holy monkey are my sacred priests and Agatha. ;3
2. Please don't ship me with other scps or anything.
3.Sex, cocaine and Powahhh.
4.No sexual stuff in the holy Bright church/NSFW.
5.if you hear any noises in the confession booth and I'm in it just remember this code word.[Necrophilia].
6.If Bright requests to see the tings then he gets to see the tings.
7.TJ is a holy Bright and Adam,Mikell.
8.if other Brights join this then you must fight me to the 'death'.
9.If you want to bing bong bring it on then tell me.
10.If it's national monkey spanks all day :3 unless you want to get spanked by me.
11.I am the only one who gets to have intercourse in Clef's office.

Bursts into your office
Dr. Bright, The serpents hand is after me and they managed to break in and theyre wreaking literal havoc on everything we've worked hard to keep locked up! >_<

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When some1 says Bright is crap

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>>Incoming transmission

I usually stay away from the Foundation, but now I'm here to ask...well..ahem...for help.
If you have any ideas, please suggest it!
Thank you. I mean it...
>>Connection terminated

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God....... dammit Sarah! laughs slightly

Might I suggest a Bright Fight?

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Potential artifact. File pending...

Mother, please love me. ;u;

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Gives a smile while whistling a soft tune, giving a slight wave of her hand as she looks out at everyone Good evening to new members joining. I hope you can enjoy our little church and have Bright days ahead of you~!!! I can do no wrong. Only Rights~ 😉

Have a cute pic of me
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