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Is this community still active? #Justwondering  :) 
If you are here, please post your Etsy shop link in comments..

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When you create your soul sings, 
The beauty of the creation
Is in the eyes of the believer.

I may sell more vintage than handmade, party because I hate to part with my work.

Do you have trouble selling yours?

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Completed August 2013 -crochet diamond stitch baby blanket with bullion stitch and shell stitch edging. Worked double strand acryllic / cotton mix worsted weight yarn in white and hand dyed (yellow -turquoise -blue) yarn.
Diamond Stitch Baby Blanket
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Hey the name is Scott ever since i was young i had a dream of owning my own business. Though i had no idea how to start i actually started out by buying purses and reselling on ebay for a profit that helped me alot with startup capital. Well that and my parents directed me towards etsy helping me out from the beginning letting me use their supplies and equiptment until i was able to start buying my own supplies now that i am up and running i am starting to see a profit and it will only keep going up from here i have God an my parents to thank for this wonderful opportunity.

I love etsy it has yet to be a door i have regretted walking through. Etsy is one of the easiest sites to sign up for and start selling your unique products right away. I have my MOM to thank mostly for helping me find this wonderful community which is etsy. She started an etsy shop months before me and told me how easy it was and how minimum the startup was. I was glad to have her to help me as i started because without her i wouldnt have been able to start this business. She helped me buy supplies starting out and i used her equiptment while i saved up to buy my own and now i am finally getting to the profits. it takes some time and patience but you will get there if you are dedicated to your product and stick with it dont give up! IF YOU START IT SEE IT THROUGH YOU WONT REGRET IT SEE IT THROUGH!

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