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If you take a minute to think about it, I bet you can name one or maybe two bands whose sound grabbed you and sent you down the musical path of Heavy Metal. Was it a killer instrument solo, a distinctive voice, the way the band members dressed, or lyrics that really spoke to you? DO YOU REMEMBER?
Whatever it was, share those memories here today.

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That Album changed Everything for me. The Tape was for Weeks in my Walk-man and i was a Metalhead till today

Iron Maiden - Live After Death

Iron Maiden

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The first Track that had my attention

Helloween - Dr Stein

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I liked "Restless and Wild" but "Balls To The Wall" cemented it for me.
ACCEPT - Head Over Heels

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Saxon - and the bands played on

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And this, Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera

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This was it for me, Judas Priest - unleashed in the east

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Ghost Ship Octavius - Edge of Time

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Excerpt from Essential Tracks for Shredding Cheese.

"Above the Winter Moonlight"
Full-length: Sonic Firestorm
Performer: DragonForce
Release: 2004
Genre: Power/Speed metal
Origin: United Kingdom

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One of the very first punk bands, The Ramones (1974 - 1996) distilled the core of rock and roll and pop music that came before them in short, fast, loud songs two minutes or less in length. Armed with a distinctive visual style and trademark musical approach, they changed the history of rock and pop.

The original four members of the Ramones first met in the suburban middle-class Forest Hills neighborhood in New York City's borough of Queens. The names John Cummings, Thomas Erdelyi, Douglas Colvin, and Jeffrey Hyman are not familiar to most fans of punk rock from the 1970s. However, the names they adopted — Johnny, Tommy, Dee Dee, and Joey Ramone — certainly are. Douglas Colvin, aka Dee Dee Ramone, adopted the name first in honor of Paul McCartney's pseudonym of Paul Ramon when the band that became the Beatles was known as the Silver Beetles.

He encouraged his bandmates to adopt new names as well and came up with the idea of calling the band the Ramones.

The Ramones played their first live performance on March 30, 1974, at Performance Studios. They played fast and short songs rarely lasting longer than two minutes. The band soon connected with other groups performing at the New York clubs Max's Kansas City and CBGB. By the end of 1974, the Ramones performed 74 times at CBGB alone. Dressed in black leather and playing fast-paced, 20-minute sets, The Ramones quickly gained a reputation as leaders of the city's early punk scene.

In late 1975, Sire Records founder Seymour Stein signed the Ramones to their first recording contract. Along with Patti Smith, they were one of the first New York punk acts to receive a contract. In their early days, the Ramones followed a policy of creating a new song every time they practiced. That gave them an enormous repertoire to choose from once they began recording. In 1976, they released their self-titled album, which cost only $6,000 to record. Although the album failed to reach the top 100 on the U.S. album chart, rock critics embraced the album and the Ramones garnered international attention.

The rest is history! 👊

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