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Hello, my friends! Welcome to "Roleplay for Furries." Here's some rules, my fellow conservatives and liberals:

>You may swear and talk about vulgar activity, but don't be excessive, such as:
- hate speech
- threats
> Yiffing is allowed, but please just post the request for someone to join you then go on Google Hangouts, or some other place, where you can roleplay in private. Same for SFW roleplays.
> D O N O T S T E A L A R T , referencing:
- going on google and just taking someone's art
- not crediting the artist
These are people's fursonas, and you can NOT take that from them without permit first. Have a nice time, mates!

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Name:crash bandidragon
Likes:anyone and almost anything
Dislikes:their skylanders adventure
Bio:the pic says enough

Hai yall anyone wana role play with me

Oh my, never thought I'd get some people to actually come over here. Thanks for joining, I hope this small community gains!
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