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If you're new to the community and are looking for a general overview of the world you're about to dive into, this is a good place to start.

Nahir: The Basics

Nahir is the term for what may be better known as magic, by the inhabitants of this world. The way it functions and where it comes from is a mystery to its users, but there are a few things people have been able to conclude about it from generations of experience.
1 || Only certain people can use it. Nobody knows where it truly comes from.
2 || There are varying strengths or “potency” levels.
3 || The ability to use nahir is seemingly genetic: it can be passed down and it can be diluted or strengthened depending on the parents.
4 || It “manifests” (first becomes accessible) sometime between ages 10 and 25. It can be erratic and uncontrollable at first, but does not take at all long to inhibit. Proper training and preparation before this manifestation helps speed up the inhibition process.
5 || It is draining (physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and “spiritually”) to use it, the drain amount proportional to the usage amount.
6 || On some uncommon but not unheard of occasions, people who have no ancestry of active nahir possession may spontaneously manifest nahir at any point in their lifetime. These people are considered to be “latent” nahir users.

Nahir Strength / Potency

The capability for nahir use behaves like gene inheritance. There are five strength levels. See image 1 for a graph.

Nahir Categorization System

When nahir manifests in people, it takes on one specific form. That form may be fire (pyrokinesis) or water (hydrokinesis) or kinetic energy (telekinesis) manipulation. However, since the government has to keep track of what each of its citizens manifests, they divided up the different types of nahir (or kineses) into categories. The primary eight categories are as follows.

Pyron = ex. Fire, electricity, light, darkness
Hydron = ex. Water, ice, disease
Aeron = ex. Air, weather, sound, force fields
Geon = ex. Earth, metal, plants
Telekon = ex. Kinetic energy, atoms, specific artificial objects (ex. weapons), teleportation
Psion = ex. Thoughts, emotions, memories, brain functions, sleep, senses, pain, animals, the dead
Omni = ex. Technokinesis, death precognition, psychometry, intuitive aptitude, accelerated probability
Cylan = the race of humans that have no nahir manifest


The ninth category is a bit more complicated. It basically consists of different types of shapeshifters, as follows.

Morphs = have the ability to transform and reshape the form of their body (typically thought of shapeshifters).
Shifters = like a Morph, but with one set form they can shift into and back out of (ex: Werewolves).
Chameleon = have the ability to absorb matter and recreate one’s body into a mold of that substance (ex: Marvel’s Absorbing Man).
Skinwalker = like a Morph, but only with living beings. Necessitates the skin or outermost shell of the living being to shift (ex: Haven, or MIB). (This is officially dubbed “Flesh Masking”.)

The tenth category (though it is actually a potency level, not a power type): the Eternals. These are people inexplicably born with the incapability of dying of old age (although they can be killed).

There is no current method of knowing if one is Eternal unless they know both of their parents are Eternal, or if they wait it out and catch themself living longer than everyone around them.

Eternals tend to suffer severe psychological damage as a result of all the things accompanying eternal life (friends and family dying, prolonging of physical and emotional pain, continuing susceptibility to illness and disease, etc.) After the first hundred years or so, they tend to become neurotic, if not psychotic, often developing god-complexes. Laws are designed to keep Eternals from getting out of control, but they otherwise can be like every other member of society if they choose to be.

A person’s power strength is generally increased if they are Eternal, and some may have multiple powers, or rarer powers (almost all Psions are Eternals).

Taeran History - Common Knowledge

The majority of Taeran history revolves around two massive events. The first is the Cataclysm, and the second is the Changing. The Cataclysm is said to have been a time when the sun went black, ghosts roamed free, and the souls of the living were in a state of neverending torment. Hell came to Earth, and for fifty years, natural disaster, mysterious deaths, plagues, and spontaneous combustions were commonplace. When it finally ended, the Earth was left desolate and broken.

Fifty years after the ending of the Cataclysm came the Changing. The semblance of a government that had been reestablished was shattered once again when people began to develop magical abilities. The number of people possessing these abilities grew until they overwhelmed those without: simple ostracization or even killing them off was no longer an option. Even though the powered were only a fraction of the population, their strength and resistance to oppression allowed them to knock the old government off its pedestal and establish their own system of society. The official Taeran calendar is centered around this event, declaring it the year 1 AE.

The Affected

After the Changing, strange creatures began popping up. These mutations seemed driven to feed on the flesh and blood of those possessing nahir control. The stronger the potency of the nahir manipulator, the stronger the urge for these creatures to attack and consume. These monsters were dubbed “the affected”, and they roam in the spaces between cities, ready to devour any unfortunate passersby. See second image.

The Vaire

There are, however, legends of a strange species of affected, called the vaire, who resemble no animal ever recorded to exist on Earth. Nobody living can claim to have seen one, but the legend describes it as a creature made almost entirely of weaving tendrils and cords, faster and nimbler than any known animal or affected. It’s blood is said to have strange properties, but no one seems to know what they may be. See third image.

The Factions

The Taeran Empire rules over four factions: the Draiix, Arjun, Reistus, and Cylan. The Draiix and the Arjun consist of the same class, but are divided politically. The Reistus and the Cylan are different types of lower classes in the hierarchy.

The Cylans are Taerans who never manifest nahir, or average humans. Seeing as the government is run by and favors powered Taerans, they are for the most part very poor. They make up 60% of the Taeran population.

The Reistus are Taerans who have been forced into their own smaller community out of fear of them; they are the Metas. Their community is progressively falling apart because of cultural oppression and stereotyping. They are believed to be mutants -- even by the other powered Taerans -- and many of them have given up on trying to prove that belief wrong. They are the bedtime stories and the monsters under the beds of Cylan and Draiix children. They are about 8% of the Taeran population.

The Draiix are Taerans who have a nahir manifest and strongly discourage interbreeding between the “natural set” (first seven categories) and the Reistus and the Cylan. They believe the Cylan to be inferior and the Reistus to be near-animals. Their belief is that their world can only be sustained with the use and maintaining of nahir and that diluting the bloodlines is a setup for destruction. They are about 19% of the Taeran population, and are the largest majority in the Taeran government.

The Arjun are Taerans who have a nahir manifest and believe that the Cylan should be treated as equals. They also advertise as a place of the “love is love” slogan, not minding in the least any sort of interbreeding. They are slightly wary of Reistus, but still welcome them. They are about 13% of the Taeran population. See last image for population divisions.

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The Ethos section of the character profile has a lot of confusing terminology. Here, all of it will be made clear.

|| Gov. Register Category ||
This is short for "Government Register Category", and represents the broadest form of nahir categorization. The Taeran Empire has divided up the nahir subtypes by their capacity for productivity versus their capacity for destruction. They have three categories.

1) The Whitelist
This is for powers that are either too mild to cause much damage, or have a very high capacity for productivity. This is where the general populace resides, and most powers are categorized here.

2) The Greylist
This is for powers that have a noticeably high capacity for destruction, but aren't necessarily so unmanageable that its users can't be allowed free reign and the opportunity to make productive choices for the common good. However, these people are often kept on a tighter leash and are punished much more harshly for misdemeanors of intent.

3) The Blacklist
This is for powers that have so much more capacity for destruction than production that they are too risky for their users to behave freely in society. After all, how can a legal system be kept up in the face of people who can cause disease epidemics, or who can affect brain chemistry and alter reality? These people are usually arrested upon manifestation and taken to an unknown location. No one really knows what happens to them.

|| Power Potency ||

|| Power Type/Subtype ||

The headers with the tildes (squiggly lines) surrounding them are the Types, and the things listed below are the subtypes.

~ Pyron ~

- || Pyrokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of fire. Usually limited to manipulation of fire that is already present (cannot start fire from nothing). Most people who have it are not themselves immune to fire, so they can be burned by other pyrokinetics or by their own reckless usage.

- || Fulgurkinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of electricity. Usually limited to being used only when in direct contact with something (cannot always travel through air).

- || Photokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of light. Usually limited to producing mild light streams (like from a flashlight) and manipulation of light that is already there. Cannot be “hardened” or used in any way other than mild illusions and projection.

- || Umbrakinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of darkness. Technically a variation of photokinesis, this power type is more focused on removing light, dispersing its particles and bringing about darkness. Usually isolated areas, cannot be solidified, but can be used to become invisible.

~ Hydron ~

- || Hydrokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of water. Limited to water that is already there (cannot usually be pulled from the air or created from nothing). Cannot be changed thermally. Users are still capable of drowning.

- || Cryokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of ice. Usually limited to being used only when in direct contact with something (cannot travel through air). User not necessarily immune to thermal changes.

- || Nosokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of disease. Varying degrees of strength, is typically used to cause hyper/hypo-multiplication in various diseases, making the infectivity increase or decrease. Disease must be present

~ Aeron ~

- || Aerokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of air.
- || Atmokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of weather.
- || Audiokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of sound.
- || Flyrokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of force fields.

~ Geon ~

- || Geokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of earth (soil/dirt) and rock.
- || Ferrokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of metals.
- || Magnekinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of magnetism.
- || Gyrokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of gravity.
- || Crystallokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of crystals, specifically the kind used as batteries.
- || Botanokinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of plants.
- || Osteokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of bone.
- || Haemokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of blood.

~ Telekon ~

- || Telekinetic - Whitelist - manipulation of matter.
- || Telumkinetic - Greylist - manipulation of weapons.
- || Portokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of teleportation.

~ Psion ~

- || Telepathic - Greylist
|| Mentokinetic - Blacklist - manipulation of thoughts.
- || Omnilingual - Greylist - understand all languages.
- || Pathokinetic - Blacklist - manipulation of emotions.
- || Mnemokinetic - Blacklist - manipulation of memories.
- || Hypnokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of sleep.
- || Opinokinetic - Blacklist - manipulation of senses.
- || Odynokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of pain.
- || Thiriokinetic - Greylist - manipulation of animals. May or may not include zoolingualisim.
- || Necrokinetic - Blacklist - manipulation of the dead.
- || Consciousness Transferal - Blacklist - ability to retether one’s self or someone else.

~ Omni ~

- || Retrocognitive Osmosis - Whitelist- ability to know a person’s life story just by touching them.
- || Death Precognition - Whitelist - ability to sense a death before it happens.
- || Flash Precognition - Greylist - ability to sense future events minutes or seconds before they happen.
- || Technokinetic Prescience and Retrocognition - Whitelist
|| Psychometry - Whitelist - perceive residual traces of objects or beings using the senses.
- || Hypercognition - Whitelist - higher computational abilities.
- || Intuitive Aptitude - Whitelist - ease of learning. Can be subject-oriented.
- || Tactical Analysis - Whitelist - strategic genius.
- || Accelerated Probability - Whitelist - enhanced understanding of probability and prediction.
- || Combat Perception - Greylist -
- || Enhanced Marksmanship - Greylist - complete and utter accuracy of distant targets.
- || Perfect Coordination - Whitelist -
- || Wound Transferal - Whitelist -
- || Panmnesia - Whitelist - remembering everything one thinks, feels, and experiences.

~ Meta ~

- || Morph - Greylist - ability to transform and reshape the form of one’s body.
- || Shifter - Greylist - like a shapeshifter, but with one set form they can shift into and back out of.
- || Chameleon - Greylist - ability to absorb matter and recreate one’s body into a mold of that substance.
- || Skinwalker - Blacklist - like a shapeshifter, but only with living beings. Necessitates the skin or outermost shell of the living being to shift.

~ Cylan ~

No nahir manifest at all: normal humans.

|| Power Description ||


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|| A ||

>> Alex Pettyfer << "Aaren Myles" - +Jennifer Grant 

|| B ||

|| C ||

|| D ||

>> Dylan O'Brien << "Amon Kauri" - +Serah Jaide

|| E ||

|| F ||

|| G ||

|| H ||

|| I ||

|| J ||

>> Jennifer Morrison << "Rebekkah Marek" - +Victoria Fernandez

|| K ||

>> Katie McGrath << "Aria Blackwood" - +Torissa Nikole

|| L ||

|| M ||

|| N ||

>> Naomi Scott << "Krystal Blackwood" - +Victoria Fernandez

|| O ||

>> Odette Annable << "Nikora Nada" - +Erika Brooks

|| P ||

|| Q ||

|| R ||

|| S ||

>> Sam Claflin << "Jak Frost" - +Con Murray
>> Sandra Bullock << "Kadri Blackwood" - +Reyna Cameron

|| T ||

|| U ||

|| V ||

|| W ||

|| X ||

|| Y ||

|| Z ||

>> Zendaya Coleman << "Hadassah Walker" - +Katelyn Murdock
>> Zoey Deutch << "Phaidra" - +Maddie Carson 

HOW TO GET STARTED (under construction)


(!) = Optional


|| BASIC ||

> Name <

> Nicknames/Aliases (!) <

> Age <

> Gender <

> Sexuality (!) <

> Birth (!) <


|| LOGOS ||

> Faction <

> Occupation <

> Gov. Register Category <

> Power Potency <

> Power Type <
>> Power Subtype <<

> Power Description <
>> Power Downfalls <<


|| ETHOS ||

> Physical Description <

> Faceclaim <

> Clothes (!) <

> Skills <
>> External Strengths <<
>> External Weaknesses <<


|| PATHOS ||

> Air (!) <

> MBTI (!) <

> Personality <
>> Internal Strengths <<
>> Internal Weaknesses <<

> The Lie (!) <

> Preferences <
>> Likes <<
>> Dislikes <<



> Person 1 || Relationship ||
>> Description

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