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Third hub area is done, it's the level I was streaming.

Hub (+Ending): 3/5
Main Levels: 15/15
Main Level Sub-Areas: 4/4
Cap-Collect Levels: 3/3
Character Key Levels/Battles: 2/5
Boss Key Levels/Battles: 6/6
Original Side Levels (+Purgatory): 3/4
New Side Levels: 2/3
Total: 38/45
Requiring Remastering: 1 Remaining

Apologies if this topic has been covered before. What is keeping SM64DS Joystick.exe from running in Windows 8/10 with DeSmuME X432R? Any ideas on a workaround? Running both programs in compatibility mode sure doesn't work :(

+SKELUX is it possible to add a configuration in the options for the 3ds joystick to be able to run without use of a run button(maybe have it similar to how it was on the N64 where only slightly tilting it makes Mario sneak, using it normally makes Mario walk and having it all the way held down makes Mario run)? Going back and playing SM64 ds on the 3ds, it feels weird to have to hold down a run button to play a SM64 style game to me. I know it was made this way for the ds because it has no joystick, but for those of us that will use 3ds, I think this would make playing it easier, if it's not a lot of work.

people say Kaze is the best hacker that makes the biggest hacks, but everyone is wrong! SKELUX is the best most tallented hacker, he makes editors and level imports, he is working on 2 big project right now: the biggest and most cheat-proof hack aka SMSW and a fun sm64 multiplayer and smash bros crossover.
anyway +SKELUX keep it up, and don't listen to those stupid 6 year old brats!

tfw half the comments I get on YouTube are now 6 years olds accusing me of stealing ideas from Kaze for hacks I made several years ago.

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Most player physics are done, I have a course menu working, and new controls mostly done.

Hey SKELUX, I have some questions for you. Actually, anyone could answer these questions.

1. So how has Yoshi changed in this hack? What advantages does he have over, say, Mario? I ask this because I feel as if Yoshi was underappreciated in the original SM64DS, the only reason you needed to use him after unlocking Mario would be to unfreeze stuff with his fire breath.
2. How many stars do you think have been added/how many total stars are there? SM64DS added 30 new total stars, 15 from the regular levels and 15 to secret levels.
3. Since this game is pretty much cheat-proof, maybe you could release a sort of mini-demo? I was thinking that it could include the first hub area, the first five main levels, and the Yoshi character level.
4. Will the Power Flower have any purpose, since the Vanish/Metal Caps have been added back in?
5. How did you code in a fifth character? And can you give us a tiny hint about their identity?
6. I'd love it if you could put a star in the game over level!
7. Will there be a star that requires the wing cap, vanish cap, and metal cap to be active at the same time?

I think that's all. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, and I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to answer these questions, SKELUX. I've been a fan of Star Road for a long time, and I'm amazed by your devotion to this project. Who would have thought that you could hack in a fifth character? Never stop hacking, SKELUX!

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A look at the amazing new hub world in SMSW! Looks incredible! I personally love the little details, such as the different worlds off in the distance. Great work +SKELUX! Looking forward to the final release! 😃

Why is skelux getting a shit ton of hate? He didn't do anything wrong, like wtf

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Until my YouTube ban expires, I'll be streaming on Twitch instead - come check it out, I am streaming right now!
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