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Attention #IndieAuthors: I'm participating at my local library, are you?

Hello everyone! Seems like I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Kelly. Currently working on my first manuscript and planning on self-publishing. Looking forward to sharing and learning in this space.

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The Owl Branch Book Promotions would like to hear from you.
What do you want in a book promoter?
What pricing would you like?
What services do you need?
Email us:

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** Please SHARE with your favorite authors!! **

Have YOU checked out the new editing website from my friend over at Korner Kafe eXposed?

She is getting some great testimonials from happy customers, including myself! I can HIGHLY recommend her services!!

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Thanks for adding me. I'm Chandra Crawford, a new author. Hi to everyone l know and glad to meet those I don't.

For the book I have out and those I have in the works, I've used Willsin Rowe as my cover artist and Sassie Lewis of Sass n Sus Editing for my editing and formatting. Both are authors themselves and sensitive to the creative vision of the author. Their prices are also very reasonable, important if you're just starting out. Facebook link where they can both be connected is

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Hey everyone! I'm Jennilinh (Jenni) Dinh, I'm an independent Publicist and Personal Assistant at Delta Strategic Planning (Owner), and Director at Bitten By Love. I review for the Big 5 and other digital publishers, I also review for several magazine editorial sites like Kirkus, RT Book Reviews, Publisher Weekly and a few others. To learn more about me, please feel free to visit my website at

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I am Leanore Elliott. I specialize in Market Fiction. I also specialize in helping authors to go Indy.  By others, I have been dubbed as The Saint of Newbie Authors. lol I format to Kindle, Smash, Epub, 2D2 and Print, do the Kindle & Print cover, then the upload for the Author, if they need me there at KDP or Create Space. I have also designed 39 Book Trailers. You can contact me at:

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My history with the book is extensive. I've lived, eaten and breathed books for the last ten years.  I have been the lead editor and format designer on 13 separate multi-author anthologies.
I am presently working on edits for manuscript number 413. I do all genres, and all levels of editing. I do content editing, dialogue rules, syntax, flow and redundancy, along with several other types of editing that isn't common to most editors. I specialize in Market Fiction.  I help others with their submissions to publishers and agents as well.
I can say that I haven’t advertised ever, in all these years of “Book-Making.” I have no website or ads. I am only found by referral. This post here is by Referral of LaVerne Thompson, who hired me for editing & formatting three years ago. We have been a team ever since. You can friend me at Facebook and chat live with me for a better understanding and to see if we fit. If we do fit…I will look forward to a new book journey
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