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(My entire OC profile)
Name: Ivy Fiammatta arst de Estance.
Age: Forever 16 until I'm killed by the one they call Lucifer. I sort of made a deal to work for him thats why I can turn into a demonic assassin that's later mentioned Sighs depressingly
Birthday: 26 of May.
Zodiac: Gemini.
Personality: Shy about what I do, kind hearted, acts like a mother when someone is sad or stubborn, understanding, sensitive at times, lovable, mysterious, happy, sweet and depressed most of the time.
Height: Avareg.
Weight: Why should I tell you, I'm not over or under weight.
Likes: Every thing and one that's happy and enjoyable.
Dislikes: The complete opposite of what I like.
Back story: My family abandons me, they get killed and I get adopted by an organization. Whenever I spoke my mind or did something bad, they would whip me on the back until I bleed, put salt on the wounds and trace a firery hot metal bar over wounds after the salt, I ran away and ended up in a forest. I built a tree house and soon people who lived in the forest joined me, I built a tree top village. All that at the age of 6. I refused to enter a school until I turned 16, a year ago (in my 100+ life on earth). No I'm not old I just got a spell put on me when I was born. I recently found out that I'm a triplet to Kaze Candore De Estance who was born one minute before me, and a sister named Samantha Candore arst de Estance (Sam) who was born two minutes after me. That is all you will know.
Relationship: Single (out of rp)
Love life: Again why should I tell you?
Catchphrase: 'Bloody Hell' or 'I'm not impressed now move along before I make you'
Species: Kune (10% cat (not neko), 30%-40% demon and 70%-60% human.)
Appearance: The first two pics, the first one is who I normally look, the second when I turn into a demonic assassin.
Pics: First two are me, second one is Kaze and the last one is Samantha.

I have told you all you need to know. If you wish to rp than comment bellow and what type of rp. Multiple rp is fine if I'm already rp with you. 😉✌
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